Cosmetics bottles manufacturer this biological plastic daily application of advantage

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
From the point of view, friendly to environment bioplastics advantage is very obvious. Rather than fossil fuels, raw materials produced in plants itself will save a large amount of energy, in addition to this, the in the whole process also greatly reduced emissions of carbon dioxide. Because since the beginning of the raw materials to processing into products, plants will collect the carbon dioxide. Have, according to every manufacturing traditional 1 kg of polypropylene plastic, 3. 15 kg of carbon dioxide; And make 1 kg of each bioplastics, 1. 4 kg of carbon dioxide. Visible, biological plastic is a very energy conservation and environmental protection material. Cosmetics bottles manufacturer also start from these aspects to make more green cosmetics container. Biodegradable plastic production in current world is in its infancy. Biodegradable plastics can be roughly divided into light according to the degradation mechanism of degradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and light - Biological degradable plastics. Which the light degradable plastics, because the price is higher, and only in a light fall, the geographical environment, climate, conditionality is very big, buried part cannot degradation, and many other shortcomings, will eventually become relics. Biodegradable plastics with fully biodegradable properties and has a light - Biological degradation characteristics of double light/biological degradation plastics, attracted the attention of the researchers around the world, became the main direction of research and development and industry development direction. Combustion is obviously not a good way, because plastic waste combustion will produce a lot of dioxin, greatly polluted the environment, to the people all over the world. Landfill is not a good choice. Especially with the growth of the population, increasing the use of plastic bags, landfill this kind of treatment method of space is very limited. Plastic is powerful, it can help us to solve many problems. Cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer recommendations, in the next few decades, it must also be remaking itself. Resources and environment problems associated directly with the short life of the plastic products, plastic application has very wide, but its recycling is often very difficult. This is why must be recycled plastic products, otherwise they will cause a lot of burden to the environment. 410. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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