Cosmetics bottles manufacturer shallow plastic bottles of repeated use carefully

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Plastic bottles of repeated use harmful to health, for this commonsense knowledge, gained popularity in the more and more young people. However, in the vast rural areas and some of the urban-rural fringe obviously these commonsense knowledge has not gained popularity. In the packaging market, plastic bottles are often some housewives used to use over and over again. At present, the bags in the market of cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar market sales in recent years have been good. The spice of these bags need containers to flourish. Most of the time some used bottles and water bottles into to spice bottles. Some large jar, bottle, plastic food became a lot of families pickling. From the plastic to today, the birth of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers of plastic products accompanied human beings through one hundred years of history, the social economy progress and people living standard rise has made an indelible contribution. Now the plastic products are basically polymer compound, chemical structure is stable, while it's true that there are some toxic substances, but in the condition of normal temperature and freezing remote possibility to release. Like a coke bottle, mineral water bottles and other plastic products occur deformation after the boiling water, but does not affect its safe use, just generate large changes in appearance, the internal molecular structure and no essential change, also won't produce poisonous and harmful substances. Using a metal brush clean the plastic bottles, even appearance or inside the plastic wear, is destroyed the surface finish, and will not bring the destruction of the molecular structure. As for cheng fang corrosive strong acid and alkali solution, plastic material is safe packing material. In fact, plastic bottles, is a matter of 'identity card'. About expert introduction, according to the China plastics processing industry association plastic bottle usually have a triangle with three arrows logo, means can be recycling use. Recycling symbol is common in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, our country as early as 1996 issued the plastic packaging products recycling symbol. Science and technology development to today, cosmetics bottles manufacturer of engineering and technical personnel have the ability to ensure that the plastic food packaging safety for human health, therefore, the plastic bottle or container as long as it is normal cosmetics manufacturer in accordance with the technical standard production of qualified products, and used properly, will not release the chemical pollutants, people repeated use can be at ease. About the material of plastic products and performance, it is not hard to find, to ensure its security is the key to the temperature. Therefore, cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers suggest citizens in the usual use, hot water, hot food less as far as possible, not the microwave special plastic products, don't use the microwave. In addition, the plastic products don't long time in the refrigerator, freezer, in particular, the low temperature will lead to degradation, increase the risk of harmful chemicals into the food. Thaw good remove plastic bags or out in the crisper. 417. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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