Cosmetics bottles manufacturer how to improve the applicability of the cream bottle

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Cream bottle, is an important category in the cosmetics packaging. Almost all cosmetics bottle combination suit involves the cream bottle. Glass cream bottle, relatively speaking, in the packaging form is high-grade, some manufacturers in order to reflect the temperament of products, cream will consider using glass bottles. But cream bottle glass is not convenient to carry and cream and glass bottles in use process very bad extrusion, it is very bad in user experience. Plastic cream bottle between more than two kinds of packaging form, the cost is lower than in glass bottles, plastic cover cream bottle in the match also more convenient that to a certain extent, solve the problem of the extrusion of cream. Cosmetic cream bottle container is more important, in the cosmetics packaging, segregation frost, sunscreen cosmetics, is need to use this kind of packing. Cream USES also have difference, so for cosmetic cream bottle should according to different purposes of distinguishing targeted use convenience to improve it. Currently listed on the cream cream bottles are glass bottle and plastic cream tube two primarily. Glass cream bottle upscale elegant appearance, plastic cream bottle hose is light, and easy to use. For people to use cream cosmetics actually has two purposes, indoor and outdoor. Indoor is to point to in the home, beauty salon and other cosmetic beauty when using, outdoor is outdoor travel and work, etc. Obviously, glass cream bottles will be more suitable for indoor use, while plastic cream bottle hose will be more suitable for outdoor use, light because it is more convenient to carry. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people tend to pay more and more attention to cosmetic skin care. High-end cosmetics market demand increasingly strong. In the bottle packaging of cosmetics, also increasingly present etc. Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers of cream bottle packaging is also more and more start using acrylic, glass and other materials. The packaging for the improvement of cosmetic appearance and brand image has played a big role. This kind of cream bottle is generally in the form of wide mouth, to facilitate preparation of remove. It also makes this kind of cream bottle easy for bacteria to enter, so many cream bottle will use cap gasket. If you can, however, the characteristics of the soft pipe cream bottle convenient transplantation on these materials cream bottle, will make the product packaging more perfect. 444. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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