Cosmetics bottles manufacturer for the plastic bottle packaging recycling channels need to comb again

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
In the past, because the price of oil on the high side, a large number of recycling plastic bottles back into various products of raw materials, popular with the market, once abandoned plastic resource is in short supply. Under such circumstances, the department concerned is not set up other channels of the plastic bottle recycling. Now, the problem of suddenly appeared, let's hand is very sudden, but must be settled as soon as possible, otherwise, every day a lot of the problems caused by waste plastic bottles will be more and more, affect the other fields. For plastic bottle recycling for example and make it as some means such as all kinds of exquisite handicrafts, as long as the cosmetic packaging bottle cosmetics manufacturer to mining, can still have a way to cope with. Just for recycled plastic recycled plastic particles, not just to processing alternative products, plastic is polyethylene ( PPC) He has plastic shrinkage ( PE) Composition, polypropylene, etc. , in production they will melt processing according to the composition of materials into different composition of particles, then families need to buy them, most renewable particles into a washbasin, things can be done and difference of the machine of garbage bags and so on. Actually, plastic bottle recycling, application is very wide, not only it is possible to become the new plastic packaging, also can be changed into other goods need to use a lot of daily life. Cap to granulation, can manufacture all kinds of plastic products in the industry; Recycling plastic bottles and chemical fiber enterprises, after many working procedure, can turn it into soft but elastic fiber, thus creating a strong traction belt, fillers, etc. , cixi cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer, can be made from this fiber bulletproof vest. Some companies are able to take advantage of renewable fiber woven carpet. Plastic bottles only need four working procedure, treatment for 30 minutes, you can use plastic waste and sawdust production out of the wood plastic composite. And this kind of composite material not only do not contain formaldehyde, one hundred percent at the same time also has the environmental protection, low prices, can reuse and so on new features. At present, the wood plastic composite material has been widely used in construction template, guardrail, industrial areas such as pallets, packing cases, agricultural greenhouses, effectively the recycling of plastic waste. New resources of science and technology co. , LTD. , said, the head of the company's existing multiple profile production line, annual output of new wood plastic composite materials can reach 20000 tons. Not only can effectively solve the white pollution and agricultural plant fiber make full use of the new road, at the same time can also be used for the development of regional economy and circular economy, white pollution governance explore a new economy and direct way. 406. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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