Cosmetics bottles manufacturer analysis cosmetics packaging sterilization process

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
As a special consumer goods, the safety of cosmetics gradually aroused people's concern and attention. And packaging as a direct or indirect contact with cosmetic containers, its health security has important implications for cosmetics safety. Whether you know: harmful substances more than from the formulation of cosmetics, packaging container will also cause the safety of cosmetics is inevitable. Enshrined in the cosmetic hygiene standards, cosmetics packaging materials must be non-toxic and clean. And on the basis of how to package the basic function of implementation is also very good problem worthy to be discussed. Cosmetics industry in China cosmetic packaging bottle sterilization, disinfection field for many years, extended the old process and the status of the defect, draw lessons from international advanced disinfection industry, follow the guide to the GMP authentication and set by the ministry of health 'sterilization technical specifications' requirements, design and manufacture of 'JZCF - B 'series of packaging container ozone disinfection system, disinfection effect is obvious. Cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer analysis cosmetics packaging container need advanced sterilization processes. Ozone sterilization class belongs to the biochemical oxidation reaction. The ozone oxidation decomposition bacteria required by the internal oxidation of glucose enzyme; May also directly with bacteria, viruses, destroy the cell wall and RNA, DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharide macromolecular polymers, such as the metabolism of bacteria growth and reproduction process is destroyed; Also can penetrate the cell membrane, into the membrane on the outer membrane of lipoprotein and internal fat polysaccharide, permeability of distortion in the cells, lead to the dissolution of cell death, and death strains of bacteria genes in the body, parasitic, parasitic virus particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen ( Bacterial virus metabolites, endotoxin) Such as dissolution degeneration. Throughout the aseptic technique principle can be divided into the role of microorganisms, antibacterial, sterilization and lysis of three application of ozone sterilization agent belongs to lysis. In 1991 the ministry of health issued 'the technical standard for disinfection of ozone sterilization principle also has a:' scientific studies show that ozone has strong sterilization effect. '' the ozone in the molecular structure of normal temperature and pressure is not stable, decomposed into oxygen by itself (soon O2) And a single atom of oxygen ( O) , which has strong activity of bacteria have a strong oxidation. Internal oxidation of glucose to the decomposition of ozone oxidation bacteria enzyme, so as to destroy the cell membrane, kill it, excess oxygen atoms will be on their own to become a normal oxygen molecules ( O2) , there are no toxic residue, so called 'clean disinfectant. It is not only for all kinds of bacteria ( Including hepatitis b virus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and miscellaneous bacterium, etc. ) Have a strong ability to kill, and to kill the mold is also very effective. '474. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, packing bottle factory, cosmetics, cosmetic plastic containers
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