Cosmetics bottles manufacturer about glass packaging and plastic packaging

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
Cosmetics glass packaging and the pros and cons of plastic packaging has a long history, various related information will be published in various media after finishing you will find that the voice of the plastic packaging instead of glass packaging accounts for absolute advantage, is also the case with the reality, glass packaging in pharmaceutical packaging share is reducing year by year, and has the potential of acceleration, glass packaging is being replaced by plastic packaging. Seemingly simple cosmetics packaging materials to replace the problem is not simple, why affordable performance superior cosmetics bottle is rejected? Investigate the root cause is driven by economic interests of the industrial chain, plastic and glass packaging battle is between cosmetics and glass packaging enterprises struggle between strong and weak. For the two kinds of packaging plastic bottle glass bottle. Has always been sworn enemy, they are reciprocal relationship in the market. For cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, select one of the two kinds of packaging has to accept the disadvantages of this kind of packing. For plastic bottles, packaging materials in recent years, more and more rich, blow molding technology is also in constant progress, solved in plastic packaging plastic bottle glass bottle two current advantages cannot coexist the question may be a good choice. We all know that the emergence of yakeli packaging effectively solved the problem of the plastic bottle packing enough high-grade appearance, this kind of appearance resembling a glass bottle packaging, with the advantages of plastic packaging, so our products are very popular cosmetic containers, is the most popular types of cosmetics packaging. Is a little plastic bottles for plastic packaging preheat the use of security issues, whether because of internal structure caused by high temperature plastic instability, release material harm the human body, this has always been many consumers are worried about problems. But we believe that it can draw lessons from pesticide bottle in bottles, coating technology will be used to solve the corrosion of pesticides on plastic bottles. By developing a coating material in the plastic bottles, achieve stable structures like glass bottles to plastic, no harm human body would be released substances, obviously it's a good idea. The diversity of plastic) meet the needs of the different product packaging. Ordinary cosmetics packaging container, for the most part, based on high density polyethylene HDPE in order to meet the requirements of different product packaging, plastic bottles to choose material also increasingly rich rise. Inside the membrane stick mark technology application of improving the level of cosmetic plastic container packaging. This technology applied in foreign countries has been quite a long time. It brings to the tag packaging very big reform. Compared with the traditional packaging label, it has a unique advantage: anti-counterfeit effect; Improve the grade of products, the label color is more bright-coloured, feel is smooth; Simplify the production process, greatly improving the production efficiency; Within the membrane labeling products practical, low loss, won't become warped, damaged, and has the waterproof, prevent oil, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, etc. The development and utilization of new materials to meet the growing demand for cosmetics packaging. 451. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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