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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
bottles how attractive packaging < p> 2017 - 09 - 04 12:02:00 < / p> no one can hold back the girl love the heart, look at the rapid development of hairdressing cosmetic industry now you can know. As indispensable cosmetics bottles, want to get everybody's love, keep up with the pace of progress, you should do in the three aspects to improve. First of all, cosmetics use cycles tend to be long. bottles, how to avoid bacteria invasion, guarantee the quality of the cosmetics, not be destroyed, is the important measure of a cosmetic bottle packing is good or bad one. Now in the market of vacuum pressure pump class cosmetics bottles more and more, compared with ordinary cosmetics bottles, screw top open in guarantee seal and health performance is more ideal. Second, the small mouth hose class cosmetics manufacturer bottle packaging, this kind of cosmetics bottles on the dose is easier to control. Instead some wide mouth class cosmetics bottles in this respect is very not ideal. Finally, should draw lessons from medicinal capsule packaging of cosmetics bottles, in large cosmetics bottles of internal use independent small package, so that each individual independence, on the one hand makes dose to obtain the very good control, on the other hand is health maintaining independence in packing.
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