Cosmetics bottles factory introduction to the importance of the plastic bottle recycling

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Abroad, the classification of garbage recycling is part of the ordinary citizens life involved in environmental protection, everyone can consciously to classify garbage, Sweden, Japan and other countries to do very well in this respect. It is has a certain relationship with the quality of ordinary citizens. At home, cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers see many streets also put up the trash can, the recyclable and cannot be recycled. But this is only on the surface of the project. The key issue is ordinary people don't know those types such as recycled bottle, what type of bottle recycling. Sometimes, for the professionals, you can see the bottom of the plastic bottles of logo, the bottom of the plastic bottles. Has been to Japan's friends know, Japan on garbage collection and processing have done very well. A common beverage bottle, the ordinary people can consciously divided into: beverage bottle, cap and bottle the three recycling, see here, the envy of should is the domestic professional cosmetics manufacturer of plastic bottles for recycling. Home for many years continuously has experts and scholars has called for recycling, we also see the trash can is divided into recycled in the street and not two marks recycling barrel, but to little effect, people can't distinguish what is recyclable what is not to be recycled. For plastic bottles have a lot of people don't even know why want to separate recycling? This is because the plastic bottle most is the PET material is given priority to, can be directly recovered and secondary material or textile materials, cap is PP material, the bottle is PVC material, if mixed in with recycling, in use will be very trouble. Every year, recycling companies on the sorting of used in plastic bottles will spend a lot of effort. For recycling, cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer that strengthen the recycling consciousness of ordinary people, the people to promote the consciousness category, to promote recycling has a huge role in promoting economic growth. Now, with the development of plastic regeneration technology, more and more waste plastic bottles became many businesses compete for resources recycling. In some large supermarket, subway station crowd also appeared at places such as plastic bottle recycling machine, awareness of plastic regeneration recycling also has a lot of popularity. For recycled plastic bottles, cosmetics bottles manufacturers hope from relevant departments to our personal consumption to support, only in this way can make the low carbon regeneration project play a more important effect. 413. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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