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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
focus on direct method of domestic and foreign enterprises to come < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:29 < / p> hc360 hc360 direct bill is expected to be finalized in late October, which attracted domestic and foreign direct selling enterprises is very different attitudes. The reason for this is that although China's direct selling products will be limited to two types of health care products and cosmetics manufacturer, but after the direct selling market completely let go at the end of the year, direct selling enterprises will face the fierce market competition both at home and abroad. Zha adressed Lan by the media always focus on 'direct legislation' has entered the stage of finalized. While the direct method of the upcoming let domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises of different attitude. National medicine group, correction pharmaceutical, kahn bei group such as direct marketing, domestic enterprises are carried out in preparation and on domestic enterprises can enter into the field and direct foreign competition. Zha Zha Mao peptides such as dai li mi potential rao smothering emperor ku blow neon with amway, Avon and other foreign direct selling enterprises are silent, saying only that 'if the direct method, will be in strict accordance with the law to enter the market sales'. An unnamed foreign enterprise executives say the name of the company, they do not directly participate in the development of the direct method, although officials to solicit comments from amway, but there is no official before the direct method, revealed to the media ahead of their opinion seems to be wrong. But the reporter understands, since last year, amway, Avon and other foreign giants are stepping up investment in the Chinese market, amway announced 1 additional investment. 200 million dollars to expand the scale of production, the company plans to open 500 new stores a year, makes direct selling market competition is fierce. Zha Zha Keng greenbrier drain health association relevant sources, mainly by the measures for the administration of direct selling in China, and the inverted pyramid fraud ordinance 'salesman training management method' and so on three parts of the draft regulations on direct selling has completed the draft and is expected to be finalised later this month.
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