Cosmetics and reliable knowledge quiz

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Q: what's the difference between the cosmetics and drugs for external use only? A: the primary difference between cosmetics and drugs for external use only as follows: 1. Different to the requirement of reliability; 2. Products using the object; 3. Use different; 4. Effect on the structure and function of the skin is different; Q: why can't buy beauty salons cosmetics in a department store? Answer: because cosmetics according to different sales channels, divided into cosmetic line of cosmetics and professional line of cosmetics. Among them, the cosmetic line refers to the cosmetics shop counters, supermarket, sales of the products in the stores, characteristic is more moderate, high reliability, general applicable to the general population; Its effect is not strong, is given priority to with simple maintenance and the basis of nursing, there won't be significant change before and after using the skin surface, effect reflect slower; Sales promotion way is mainly rely on advertising and word of mouth, big. Professional line of cosmetics is also called the courtyard line of cosmetics, is only sold in beauty salon or a professional salon and salon or use the product, directed by beauty professionals to purchase and use, product service purpose; By professional beauty institutions according to the customer's different skin conditions, different collocation use scheme design, need according to the course of different customers, timely adjustment of product collocation solution. If some professional line of cosmetics, it is used in hairdressing institutions by the professional beautician do care; After some need customers to buy, follow the instruction at the hairdresser that occupy the home use; Still have a plenty of for medical hairdressing. Professional line of cosmetics sales channel is from cosmetics manufacturer to agents at all levels, to the beauty salon or beauty. Because not in department stores, supermarkets or stores sales, so no advertising to promote, but by beauty professionals recommend and sales.
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