Cosmetics and processing dry sharing: why must carry on the processing for the record?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08

thousands of cosmetics brand, but not all brands are all have their own production factory, a lot of brands in the process of making products will gradually learn, all manufactured products is the need for products for the record. XJ Beauty many years of experience in processing, about why cosmetics processing on dry to share.

a, why do you want to products for the record?

because only through archival filing shall be allowed in the market, sales of the products, this is equivalent to a legal identity to the products. Because the filing work need some products of professional knowledge, in general brand will entrust a processing factory to assist to handle, in this case, the record is processing a variety of cosmetics manufacturer for the record.

2, cosmetics manufacturer for the record the required information!

1) The processing cosmetics formula, not including content, except for restrictions on the use of materials;

2) Product sales packaging including labels and specifications, packaging, graphic, etc. ;

3) generation processing process document outlining the;

4) production technology technical specifications;

5) Product inspection report each parameter index;

6) Entrusted production agreement copy for the production of products;

7) Company basic document statistics, the actual processing cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer;

8) Product inspection application form need to fill in the data as required;

three is how to put on record, cosmetics plants?

1, product inspection, data processing, cosmetics manufacturer formula provide test application form, product Chinese manual, product quality inspection according to the formula, the final report.

2, and for the first time the cosmetics for special processing for the record: after finish product quality inspection report, eight of the need to provide the above information. Including the entrust the basic documents: business license, trademark, cosmetics production license, the enterprise information, contacts, phone, etc.

3, products for the record: the login for record system and upload the required product information and information. Confirmed by the ShengJu through, form for the record number, cosmetics generation processing customer number will be distributed to cosmetics manufacturers, entrusted party, namely cosmetics generation of processing enterprises association for the record.

XJ Beauty, professional cosmetics 25 years generation process, has its own two factories, professional to provide one-stop service, from the proofing, design, procurement, inspection for the record, the production and a series of processes are completed, has formed a good reputation, welcome consultation processing cosmetics, achieve win-win situation.

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