Cosmetics and 5 category

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
What is the category? After the customers associated with the brand in front of the level of classification. Is home appliance industry, for example, is not a category; Coke is a category, and drink is a business. Summer want to buy a bottle of coke, its meaning is to want to by coke has soared, think this is cola category, but to express with the Coca-Cola brand. Consumer goods category is divided into three kinds: product/service category, guide channel category and consumer finance. So what is brand and category of relationship? This is like an iceberg. Floating on the surface of the iceberg, just the tip of the iceberg, the larger the iceberg underwater. Above the surface of the water is a brand, the surface is a foundation, under the category. Brand to be successful, therefore, learn to look for easy category of success. Which category to success? XJ Beauty that has five kinds: one is a large category, which conforms to the trend, breakthrough the critical size and high growth category, such as represented by Zhou Black Duck duck neck, represented by corrupt shrimp crayfish, etc. Secondly, divide the category, can be carried out in accordance with the consumer cognitive differentiation. Imported cosmetics, for example, can according to the price and quality is divided into general, beauty of qualitative actor price, premium, is worked out according to the requirements of consumers. A third is simple cognitive category, name is easier to understand, in line with the consumer cognition, such as toner. Fourth, operation simple category, can quickly establish first-mover advantage, such as cognitive inertia, scale economy, network effects, etc. Its cost structure is good category, due to information asymmetry can produce high premium, building brand differentiation is the key. And from a brand level, for enterprise to create successful consumer goods brand, to highlight the differentiation of the brand. Through independent brands around the consumer choice of products and services. Consumer goods brand differentiation, the two aspects embodied in cognitive differential and operating differential.
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