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analysis part of the country has some update of OEM brand cosmetics regulations < p> 2018 - of OEM brand cosmetics 07 - 31 09:59:20 < / p> eu test marigold extract and essential oils to revise cosmetics limited regulations attachment MBBT related contents of the European Union official news bulletin on July 12, 2018, the commission issued regulations on 9th July ( EU) 2018/978, revisions to the European parliament and council ordinance (about cosmetic EC) No 1223/2009 annex II and III, marigold extract and essential oil on the disabled and restrict the use of material list, and contain more disabled elements or restrict the use of components of cosmetics manufacturer was banned in the different periods since 2019, the eu market sales. In addition, still issued regulations on June 20, the European Union ( EU) 2018/885, revised the eu cosmetics regulations ( EC) No 1223/2009 annex VI in the related content. The eu approved methylene double benzotriazole base 4 methyl butyl phenol ( MBBT) As uv sunscreen in laws and regulations, EC) No 1223/2009 annex VI specified in article 23 of the use of OEM brand cosmetics, and MBBT concentration less than 10% (in skin cosmetics Nanometer form) 。 Previously, the use of MBBT has no control. MBBT with characteristic odor, belongs to the UVA light filtering agent at the same time also has a strong UVB ( Absorbent maximum from 305 nm to 360 nm) 。 The rules and regulations MBBT for the purity of products, distribution coefficient, indices such as particle size, and shall not be applied to inhaled lung products. It is important to note that the above two regulations of the eu have 20 days after will be published in the European Union's official gazette. Britain a total ban on sales of plastic beads containing wash protect products on June 19, 2018, the department for environment, food and rural affairs, in a news release from now on a blanket ban on sales of England and Scotland contains plastic beads flush type of cosmetics and personal care products of OEM brand ban went into effect, such as facial scrub, soap, toothpaste and shower gel contain plastic beads are within the range of banned the sale of products. The ban is thought to be the world to contain the strongest and most comprehensive ban plastic beads, the banned to the government in January this year it is prohibited to produce plastic beads containing wash protect product after another big move. Canada will triclosan into toxic substances list, modify the cosmetic ingredients list on July 11, Canada gazette published finally decided, triclosan ( Triclosan) Under the Canadian environmental protection act of toxic substances list. This list will help the government make the rules when necessary. Triclosan scientific name & other; Two chlorobenzene oxygen chlorophenol & throughout; , also known as & other; Chemical new & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Triclosan & throughout; Etc. , is a kind of preservatives and broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, is widely used in soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, shampoo, and many other daily chemicals, finally discharged into the sewer, infiltration of surface water. Animal studies have shown that triclosan can change the workings of a certain hormones in the body, can have a potential impact on human health. And in a month ago, health Canada also modified cosmetic ingredients list. On June 14, Canada to modify the ingredient list of the main content is as follows: 1. In order to reduce the methyl isopropyl thiazole moiety ketone ( MI) Risk of sensitization, the maximum allowable concentration drops to zero in the cleaning products. 0015%. If MI with methyl chloride different thiazole moiety ketone ( MCl) Mix, both total concentration shall not exceed 0. 0015%. 2. Delete the oleander glycosides. Oleander glucoside is a kind of strong heart glucoside, would increase myocardial oxygen consumption by normal after contact, cause poisoning, the skin can cause paralysis of the skin. 3. In the chloramine T entry added related compounds, the compounds in solution will be converted to chloramine T. Chloramine T can cause skin and respiratory sensitization. 4. Pigment red 4 is added to the restricted substances list, maximum allowable concentration of 3%.
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