Cosmetics agent thinking about life and death

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
In recent years, around a group of small agents and has a certain scale, with regional representative agents take the initiative to go out of business or be forced to collapse, the idea of doing real a group of people more. The agent of the cosmetics industry, is really going to die? Now why difficult? The main reason is that the business environment has changed. In particular, is due to the progress of technology, such as the development of the Internet, enhance the transparency of the global information, in order to impel the flat trend of the channel, in using the difficulty of the information asymmetry to earn the price difference is bigger and bigger, the traditional agent natural feeling become more and more difficult. So, the agent can no longer live in the past, more can't conformism, thoughts and actions can't keep up with the speed of business environment change, will be eliminated. On the other hand, keeping up with the speed of change, to adapt to the changing environment, agents have living space. The agent and the value of existence? There is no denying the fact that direct is one of the way, never is the mainstream, but I think the main reason is: 1, the vast domestic market, great depth. 2, does not conform to the principle of resource allocation of the market economy. Since straight for will not become the mainstream, also won't replace the position of the agent. So, the agent to survive in today's important method is 'service'. Why it is important to service will be the agent way of life? This is decided by the needs of the consumers. Agent by differential profit era, the core of consumer demand is 'product'. In the relative lack of material s, available a voice. Consumer demand began to upgrade, from consumer products to the consumer brand. The core of this stage, the agent resource is 'brand'. Consumption upgrade again. Personalization, can send friends to share the products and services of sex, has become more and more consumers choose products standards. At that time, the function of the agent is facing a new round of upgrades.
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