Cosmetics administrative licensing related issues

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
To plant material used in formula 1, extracts have any requirements? Answer: not considered plants use specific parts of the raw materials in the name, should be detailed in the note column under the table in the formulation show the plants using part of the raw material. 2, sunscreen products which test need to do? A: the cosmetic administrative licensing test specification specified in the sunscreen products need to detect 'sunscreen'. At present, there are many sunscreen in 'technical specification for cosmetics testing method, when the applicant declare sunscreen products, shall file a declaration to verify formula, such as the formula used in sunscreen in the phenyl benzo imidazole sulfonate of 15 kinds of component', and there is a clear testing method (sunscreen Except for the titanium dioxide, zinc oxide) , should add the test project. 3, import products should provide what kind of commercial packaging? Answer: according to the regulations on administrative licensing filing acceptance cosmetics 'requirements, submit an application for licensing import products in, need to submit commercial packaging. First time to apply for licensed product submitted commercial packaging, refers to the overseas sale packaging; Imports continue application submitted when commercial packaging, refers to the packing in the domestic market sales. 4, for the use of the product have any requirements? Answer: the method of use shall be truthfully stated, and the specific use of clear products, shall not be vague language to express. 5 formula ingredients, product packaging, has been shown in the Chinese label, also need to translate? Answer: according to the regulations on administrative licensing filing acceptance cosmetics 'requirements, all foreign language should be translated) filings for specification in Chinese, and before the translation attached to the corresponding foreign language information. Product packaging formula composition, therefore, still need to complete the translation in Chinese translation product packaging.
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