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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
The proposed legislation cosmetic surgery < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:00 < / p> Britain's the guardian has reported, with a lot of illegal salon cause customer disfigured case, the national health committee, decided that the thousands of beauty salon will send investigations around the country. Once found them and to the customer without permission from the registration and BOTOX injections ( A kind of used to anti-wrinkle toxic drugs) , laser therapy, or use anti-wrinkle subcutaneous padding, beauty salon for warning and even will be sued. It is estimated that at present there are about 3000 English salon use laser and pulse therapy without registration, for the customer to perform facial hair removal and remove scar; There are about 3000 beauty hairdressing salon, nail shop and underground shops and anti-wrinkle BOTOX injection subcutaneous filling operation. Despite the current British law does not compel to cosmetic industry during the surgery to the relevant department for registration, but there is evidence that those who be used for permanent subcutaneous filling material that is likely to cause permanent disfigurement. So, the department of health is considering a corresponding laws and regulations, regulate the behavior of beauty salons. The national health committee chairman on August 2, Kate and rob said, 'now there are too many people in the illegal to provide health services, measures must be taken to strengthen the management. We have called for consumers to choose the legal management of beauty salon and hairdressing doctors. 'The committee every year received about 50 cases of illegal caused customer cases of facial plastic surgery. London district of Nottingham a formal beauty salon said the doctor, every week there are at least 10 customers, these customers are in other places is broken by some illegal doctor surgery. Some people put the equipment of laser surgery in the trunk of a car, driving the door gives a person to do surgery, the dangers of this kind of behavior is more big, because there is no law to control them. Beauty medical experts say, many beauty material is a prescription, the operator must use the corresponding knowledge. The subcutaneous implants, for example, if the injection is not appropriate place, it may cause tissue necrosis, disastrous consequences. The first measures is, no longer allow phonebook yellow pages advertising unregistered beauty salon. The second step, the relevant departments will clean up the beauty of a street, London will clean out those illegal beauty salon. The national health committee also suggested consumers: before the cosmetic surgery, be sure to check the beauty salon or beauty clinic. According to the current law, anti-wrinkle firming and laser liposuction, abdomen, remove scar, such as cosmetic surgery clinics, need to be registered in management department. Due to the use of BOTOX and anti-wrinkle filler laws management is not yet complete, experts advise consumers to think twice before you do, and the qualifications to ask professional organization for the performer.
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