Cosmetic shelf life? There are those who use expired cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Those things about cosmetic shelf life?

each little fairies: every day the grass, chop hand, cosmetics have shelf life? are kaifeng shelf life! With the expired cosmetics, you not far from the black face! 90% of us teenage girls are using expired cosmetics, unaware himself!

use expired cosmetics what harm is there?

1 expired eye cream and mascara is easy to cause eye inflammation

2 expired creams, essence is easy to cause skin allergy

3 expired toner, especially plant fermentation cause skin inflammation

4 expired sunscreen without sunscreen effect, wipe worse and worse

5 expired bottom makeup products are likely to cause acne acne

6 expired makeup can also lead to dermatitis, wool bursa jams, long-term use may even canceration

daily cosmetics specific how long shelf life?

skin care


beauty makeup class


the shelf life of finished cosmetics, actually there are many kinds of factors will also result in cosmetics manufacturer in the warranty period bad oh, such as the place for a long time in the bathroom this kind of high temperature and high humidity environment, very easy to breed bacteria.

when your cosmetics in the following situation, means bad, do not use.

how to judge whether cosmetics metamorphic

1 color

if the product itself has changed the original color, that is because the bacteria produce pigment to protect skin to taste become yellow, brown and black. 2 fermentation

refers to the cosmetics have bubbles and odor

3 long spot

refers to the cosmetics such as green, yellow, black mildew spot, this is caused by wet make mould contamination of cosmetics

4 oil-water separation

usually common in the foundation, it refers to the cosmetics is thinning out of the water

5 mildew refers to the cosmetics appear flocculent or divergent

XJ Beauty no add the class there are a lot of cosmetics, with no added anti-corrosion ingredients, so the shelf life is short, if the shelf life, might as well use of it this way:

those who use expired cosmetics have?

1 expired toner

toner after expiration, can be used to wipe the mirror, ceramic tile, such as a computer screen.

2 overdue cream

face cream is a wonderful thing, even if it is out of date, there are also many purposes! Leather can be used to care, such as small we wear new shoes before, can use some cream instead of shoe polish brush try, this also can very good protect the leather.

3 expired lipstick

lipstick contained high oxidation ingredients can react with silver sulfide in silver, black like Dai Jiu silver bracelet, you just need to put our house the temperature change of lipstick painted on paper towels, again with a paper towel wipe the black repeatedly, immediately can look brand-new.


expired expired scrub the cleanser when detergent effect of relic of great! Expired cleanser can be used to clean shoes, collar, sleeves, etc.

today's share is that these!

if you protect skin to taste is out of date

do you have any 'into' the small coup?

you can share with small make up free oh! !

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