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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Cosmetic regulations become bright spot in the New Year's day 88, the new law < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:41 < / p> 2005 New Year's day, there will be 88 laws and regulations. 88 laws were ten big luminescent spot, involved in all aspects in social life. First, into the fourth year of China's accession to wto, insurance, automotive, oil and open auction execution, 7 department regulations to implement. Second, the Supreme People's Court will be put into practice in five judicial interpretation, will better protect the rights and interests of the parties. Third, the pesticide production management measures 'and so on four relationship to food regulations, create barriers from farmland to dining table of security for the people. Four, two of the People's Bank of China to cope with the international speculators. Fifthly, sasac issued two regulations dish 'background', linked to check performance on a regular basis. Its six, state administration for industry and commerce three rules and norms of advertising business, not the sham as the genuine of printed advertisements. Its seven, 'into the river sewage outlet supervision and management measures' and so on three regulations ensure reasonable, safe use of water resources. The eight, four rules and strengthen the transportation departments of administrative supervision, ministry of transportation solution to traffic construction developing quality and corruption concerns. Its nine, the law of the People's Republic of China on the interim provisions on the customs offices for handling the complaints 3 regulations, such as the General Administration of Customs for the parties to increase a right remedy channels. The tenth, beauty salon to plain code marks a price, rating, and related certificates. Beauty salon is plain code marks a price, rating, hold relevant certificates in order to effectively reduce the disputes in the beauty salon consumer service, the Ministry of Commerce issued 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' clear, beauty salon operator shall be in place on the eye-catching place of the express business business license, the hygiene license, the service items and standards, etc. When providing the service, business operators should ask the requirements of customers, provide consumers with true information related to the services, to customers about products, services and other issues, should make a real clear answer, must not cheat and mislead consumers. Beauty salon and sales service of all kinds of supplies and equipment, shall comply with the relevant national product quality and safety and health regulations and standards, and shall not be used and selling fake and inferior products. Workers, health certificate and qualification certificate. In order to promote the standardization and specialization, of beauty salon industry will implement classification and grading standards of the state, shall practise a system of rating. Information source: xinhua
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