Cosmetic product development process: to learn from, little detours, less to pay tuition

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
industry rapid development in our country, has for years been present the bustling scene is thriving, and this is mainly because consumers enthusiasm for cosmetics manufacturer, as well as the important cosmetic scientists, never give up in the research and development on the road, in order to our beautiful, always adhere to do new product research and development. Small make up will tell you today XJ Beauty, about product research and development of cosmetics those things!

however, a new product launch, from creative, into the development project, finally successfully listed on schedule, need to multiple departments clear division of labor, mutual cooperation, to ensure the safety, stability and efficacy of finally listed products and usability. In the whole process of new product development, research and development of ease but also play an important role. XJ Beauty for you to share: look at the big brand cosmetics development process, to learn from, little detours, less tuition!

new product development definition

1, new product development is a begins with creative, after research and feasibility analysis project, through the project planning and implementation into the process of the finished product on the market.

2, according to the different levels of product changes, new product appeared is divided into new products, new product line, product line supplement existing product, the improvement of existing products, market repositioning products and cost reduction.

3, for XJ Beauty, well-developed cosmetics company, in order to strengthen the existing in the industry business, at the same time develop more market, promoting the development of the brand, should be according to the market change and the company strategic planning, choose suitable products for development.

new product development process of the different types of new products due to the characteristic difference, on the development process is also slightly different. According to the characteristics of the cosmetics manufacturer new product development, the cosmetics development process is divided into seven stages.

cosmetics new product development is a long process, including hard don't have to say, and do not necessarily successful, all just can have so many cosmetics manufacturer brands to choose the processing factory, in addition to save time and effort, more important is: new product development strength don't allow yourself to do. Choose XJ Beauty, fix it for you one stop new product development, production and service!

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