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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-01-01
Cosmetic processing solutions according to different cosmetic processing customers, there will be different cosmetic processing solutions. Because different customer groups have different demand points for cosmetics processing, such as micro-commerce may pursue good quality and high price, and e-commerce may pursue cost performance. Therefore, cosmetic processing solutions, cosmetic manufacturers should plan according to different cosmetic processing needs. Partners: foreign businessmen want to do OEM processing, foreign trade companies have cosmetics orders, professional beauty salons want to be their own brands, agents or distributors who want to create their own brands, distributors who have their own brands, and have less experience in entering the industry. dealers, investors with many years of experience in the cosmetics industry to process brands, dealers or agents who want to develop new brands, investors who want to invest in the cosmetics industry 1, cosmetics manufacturers cosmetics processing cooperation customers which? Cosmetics processing customer type OEM customer 1 foreign businessmen want to be OEM processing OEM customer 2 foreign trade company has cosmetics order OEM customer 3 Professional Beauty Salon wants to be their own brand OEM customer 4 want to create their own brand agent or dealer OEM customer 5 you have your own brand of dealer OEM customer 6 just entered the dealer OEM customer 7 investors with many years of experience in the cosmetics industry want to process the brand OEM customer 8 dealers who want to develop new brands or agent OEM customers 9 investors who want to invest in the cosmetics industry different cosmetics processing customers, their demand for cosmetic processing is inconsistent. Each customer group has its own characteristic requirements. For example, professional beauty salon customers want their products to have more functional components and have obvious product use effects; The customer group that has just entered the bank hopes to process a small amount and carry out the measurement test; Customers who focus on e-commerce lines pursue the cost performance of products and hope to create maximum benefits at the lowest cost. 2. Contents of cosmetic processing solution: 2. 1. Determine the positioning of cosmetics processing: whether the products you need to process are high-end positioning or low-end positioning. According to the product positioning, determine the formula ingredients used, the quality of the raw materials used, and the processing technology. 2. 2. Determine the cost of cosmetic processing: the composition of cosmetic processing costs: including the cost of internal and external packaging materials, material costs, processing costs, quality inspection costs, etc. If a registered trademark is required, it also includes the cost of trademark registration. 3. Signing a cosmetic processing contract: according to the product positioning, determine the processing details and cost composition, and then sign the relevant cosmetic processing contract plan. Cosmetics manufacturers carry out order production, and the general product production cycle has been about two months.
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