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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-03
Cosmetic processing factory tells you: why should cosmetics be inspected and filed? China's cosmetics market is expanding year by year. Every year, all kinds of cosmetics are rushing to go on the market. There are also various chaos in the cosmetics market. Therefore, the state has also issued various governance policies to rectify the cosmetics market, cosmetic filing is an important decision. When cosmetics direct stores, micro-merchants, e-commerce and other cosmetics processing factories are entrusted to process cosmetics, why should manufacturers send cosmetics for inspection and filing? What will happen to cosmetics without inspection and filing? Xj beauty cosmetics processing factory 1. Why should cosmetics be tested? According to the 'notice on filling in the national non-special purpose cosmetics filing inspection information' issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, when applying for product filing materials, it is necessary to fill in the product inspection agency and inspection report information first, if you want to successfully pass the filing, you must first send the samples to the inspection and provide the inspection report. If there is no inspection report, the application will not be accepted. What items do cosmetics filing tests need to be tested? Generally, microbiological examination, sanitary chemical examination, pH determination, toxicological safety human body test, human body safety and functional test are required. The inspection time is generally 2-4 months. Second, why should cosmetics be filed? The State Food and Drug Administration clearly stipulates that non-special purpose cosmetics must be filed online with the provincial food and drug administrations. At present, there are many manufacturers in the product inspection, product filing did not pass the case of generous production, inspection filing process, if you need to temporarily adjust or modify product-related matters, however, the factory is in production or has already produced in large quantities, which brings great trouble to the subsequent work. (1) If a cosmetic processing factory that has lost its integrity and is facing bankruptcy and is entrusted with processing, it will only gain temporary customers and short-term profits and lose its corporate integrity as a manufacturer, facing bankruptcy is beyond doubt. (2) Suspension of production and investigation, all confiscation for cosmetics processing plants that have not been filed online or whose filing information is untrue are illegal production, and processing plants will also be suspended for investigation. The cosmetics produced are regarded as products that do not conform to the national industry regulations, and are all illegal products, and all of them are investigated and confiscated. (3) Confiscation of income and penalty for selling cosmetics that have not been put on record online, such as cosmetics stores, micro-businesses, e-commerce, etc, the Food and Drug Administration will confiscate all illegal income and illegal cosmetics. If the circumstances are serious, they will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. (4) Reporting complaints, accusing the claim for the merchants who sell the products without submitting them for inspection and filing, consumers can report complaints or sue the claiming merchants on the cosmetics supervision platform, and consumers have any adverse symptoms after using them, it is the responsibility of the merchant, and if the circumstances are serious, they will be sentenced to punishment. Xj beauty cosmetics processing factory does not need special cosmetics to apply for filing: 1. Samples and instructions 2. Table 3 composition of the product. Production process Process Diagram 4. Business License 5. Production License 6. The test report of the sample for the application for filing of the combined complete set of products, the applicant shall make a single record for each product. For products that have been filed but have been discontinued, you can apply for filing cancellation. If the production has been discontinued but the market is still in circulation, it is recommended not to cancel, but should take the initiative to inform the original record of the provincial food and drug supervision department of the product is no longer produced.
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