Cosmetic plastic container packaging is hit

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Cosmetic plastic container packaging market development is not the original fast over the years, this basically is flanked by several aspects reasons. Environmental policy and the rise of environmental protection concept of cosmetic plastic container packaging influence is very big, environmental policy makes a large number of small and medium-sized cosmetics bottles manufacturers have been affected, many so close. Environmental protection concept makes people in more environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as in the paper. Second, plasticizer and bisphenol A events of cosmetic plastic container packaging market also caused great impact. For reasons of packing material safety and health, people are turning to more reliable glass bottle packaging, glass packaging orders over the years rapid recovery. In the traditional processing and manufacturing industry, there are a lot of industry for the production of products have related standards and specifications. Now, the manufacture of the plastic bottles in addition to food, medicine and other packaging products have uniform standard. However, category numerous plastic bottles involves many sectors, almost no corresponding standards and specifications. Different from mechanical industry such as the basic for power enterprise scale and plastic industry of small and medium-sized enterprise is numerous, some even family workshops, no unified standard, cosmetic plastic container packaging quality is uneven in the market. Procurement business does not have a corresponding reference standard. As a result, the industry standard for plastic market need for more. For the standardization of plastic bottles, because involves the industry very much. Therefore, in the process of making requires all parties involved. Only the downstream buyers, producers and consumers involved in the entire specification, together to develop in line with market specifications of plastic bottles. Such standards are more in line with market needs. With related plastic bottle production standards and norms. For plastic bottles purchaser, in the process of purchasing had the related references. For production also has the standard production, quality problems can be specification. 480. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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