Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers for the travel packing bottle

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Commonly used cosmetic plastic containers in addition to the above several kinds of commonly used material, and AS or ABS class transparent colloid, PMMA acrylic material, etc. Of plastic containers used in cosmetics packaging than the big, more than 75%, the main reason in addition to fill in, the material plasticity, convenient transportation, such as density, printing, recycling is also considering the main factors of mass using plastic containers. , however, the shortcomings of your plastic containers are obvious, light resistance, low heat, melt resistance is the fatal defects of plastic containers, such as difference of main is not the necessary high temperature steam sterilization and light sterilization process. Its poor resistance to molten is the death of some cosmetics, some corrosive cosmetics will and plastic container directly produces chemical reaction, such as partial acid, lipid classes, the category of easy oxidation, great harm to human body, such as essential oils, makeup water and oil and perfume class cosmetics. Plastic containers of cosmetics, therefore, good choose pure white or transparent, causes four traits and avoid bottles is easy to observe cosmetics fuel dissolution formation pollution. Travel packing bottle what effect is there? Is called travel packing bottle, because it can be used for packaging large bottle of emulsion, such as shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, etc. , in order to can use their use in the travel. This is not only beneficial to the skin, but also easy to carry. Travel packing bottle, is used for packing large bottle of shampoo, shower gel, emulsion, such as cosmetics, so as to be able to use in the travel trust of toiletries. Because like shampoo, shower gel, skin care products is close contact with human body, therefore the health is very important. You first need to see the material of cosmetics packaging bottle cosmetics manufacturer of packing bottle are healthy, whether or not environmental protection, whether through some authoritative attestation, such as the FDA certification, certification of BPA FREE and LFGB certificate, etc. Healthy environmental protection packing bottle, can let us more at ease in use. Travel packing bottle of common made of food grade silica gel, with silica gel to called silicone packing bottle. To travel a lot of friends in the hotel, hotel use, must not very satisfactory, and if they buy, are generally large bottle, and use no later during the trip, which creates a waste. Packing bottle is good, but at the time of use, if there is no note, repackaging of emulsion does not what benefits the himself. When using travel packing bottle, what problem should note? Such as disinfection treatment. Packing bottle packing of emulsion is contact with human skin, so to assure the safety of the emulsion is, is not contaminated. Which requires the bottle itself to safety, do not contain bacteria. Therefore, disinfection is very important. Disinfection method are many, but the material of the bottle itself problems need to be taken into account. How to use travel packing bottle? At the time of traveler packing bottle, in addition to disinfection, also need to grasp the partial shipments the amount of the emulsion. Choose appropriate bottle packing, but also the combination of travel time, need how many partial shipments. Good command of general control is based on travel days to packing bottle needs to be added. Full pack a bottle of back to put for a long time, such as the next time I go out and use, not only waste, but also is not very desirable. Because is the emulsion packing bottle packing, even disinfection treatment, also pay attention to the next. 422. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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