Cosmetic brand processing party if find a good factory? The four methods have you tried

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19

today, relevant departments to the supervision of cosmetics is more and more strict, before 2016, the country has more than 4000 cosmetics factory production, but later had 'two card', eat the food and drug administration 'fly inspection' and so on the screening, has eliminated more than 1000 failed the small cosmetics manufacturer, now it is more than 3000 across the country.

XJ Beauty& Beauty group, in the field of cosmetics research and development and production has more than 20 years, although the cosmetics factory has experienced the sweep of washing, but beauty makeup industry still standing, dual certification, guangdong province, the first through the 'two card' factory production permits, the national high technology enterprise. If you want to do cosmetics generation of processing can't find a good factory, you can try the following four methods!

a, each big search engine

open the search engine, baidu, sogou, 360, for example, in the search box input 'cosmetic treatment', and then pop up a lot of cosmetics factory information.

2, alibaba shop

alibaba shops is known around the world is a magical, here you can find all kinds of things you need. And, of course, there are a lot of cosmetics factory to open shop, you can have a look at the search keywords.

3, the use of relatives and friends

there are a lot of cosmetics industry association, can pass the major association, understand the strength of the cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer. If you have a good friend is do the cosmetics industry, can also listen to their opinions, may be able to find the right factory.

4, cosmetics packaging

most cosmetic brands and cosmetics factory is not the same, and so the cosmetics packaging leaves the manufacturer's information, the first thing we find easy and similar products, and ultimately to find what you want cosmetics factory.

cosmetics factory also has the branch of geography, of course, China's cosmetics enterprises 70% concentrated in guangdong, the guangdong cosmetics manufacturer enterprises 75% concentrated in guangzhou, guangzhou cosmetics enterprise 80% concentrated in baiyun district. So, if you want to do cosmetics, to baiyun district is the best choice for you! XJ Beauty has its own processing two cosmetics factory, are made in baiyun district. Though it departments supervision strictly, but there are good and evil people mixed up factory, and choose to XJ Beauty, 3000 + brand choice, is your choice.

The use and installation of cosmetic design is compared with most other systems for managing the makeup solution effectively and no doubt cosmetic design have won the race so many times.
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