'Cosmeceutical' has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs in South Korea's medical industry

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-01-02
Emphasizing the importance of ensuring sales channels and attracting attention from financing and entrepreneurship cases recently, with cosmeceutical becoming a popular trend, entrepreneurs in the medical industry are paying more and more attention to cosmetics entrepreneurship. September 16, Korea health well-being Talent Development Institute in Jiangnan health care industry education headquarters held '5th session medical people Entrepreneurship Academy '. Although it was held at the weekend, more than 70 people attended the Academy, proving the high attention of entrepreneurs to cosmetics. The speakers all stressed the importance of' marketing. The Academy's speeches include Na Deokun, general manager of The GOONI, 'market and trend analysis of cosmetics', Park Jinho, general manager of Beaus Company, 'language of cosmetics consumers', and Deloitte executive Hong Sunjae, 'domestic financing of cosmetics technology' program ', Jung Jinho, professor of Seoul National University Hospital,' research and development and industrialization strategy of anti-aging products produced by Professor of Medical University ', etc. Na Deokun, general manager of The GOONI, predicted that 'The world cosmetics market will reach 314 billion US dollars in 2018, with an average annual growth rate of 4%. Although The growth rate is not high, it is a unique market that will not have negative growth, in 2019, China will become the world's largest cosmetics market. 'The threshold of the cosmetics industry is low, and enterprises in the fields of entertainment, fashion and construction are paying attention to the cosmetics industry. It is reported that with the success of overseas cosmetics, but 99% of overseas brands have failed. He also said that 'the popularity of cosmeceuticals has been verified in the Japanese market, and it is impossible to succeed without being distinguished from general cosmetics, no matter how good technology, good creativity, abundant capital and cooperative enterprises are, if circulation is not ensured, they cannot be sold, so circulation is the most important. 'In addition to the importance of circulation, it also puts forward a digital marketing plan suitable for consumers. Park Jinho, general manager of Beaus Company, said, 'with the deepening of product competition, compared with brand-related advertisements, the promotion of products is increasing, most consumers contact cosmetics through circulation channels, content and communication, and use different languages. With the expansion of the influence of internet red, internet red marketing is also a very important marketing method. 'He also said,' compared with simply thinking about entering H & B stores and exporting overseas, we should plan where to sell and ensure circulation channels. 'At the meeting, the initial financing and financing methods concerned by start-ups were also introduced. Deloitte executive Hong Sunjae stressed that' investment in cosmetics industry changes with market trends, nowadays, Cosmeceuticals combined with biotechnology are getting more and more attention. Many people are betting on technology research and development, but in order to operate enterprises, they should concentrate on financing. ', He suggested that' for the initial start-up, there is no specified value evaluation method, and it is very important to convince investors that there is a logical and appropriate basis, with a good project model, manpower structure and technology, the possibility of successful financing is high, especially in the project plan. The actual cases of dermatologists have also received attention. Jung Jinho, a professor at Seoul University Hospital, said, 'with the research on anti-aging, cosmetics 'jung jin ho effect' have been developed with a formula with remarkable actual EFFECT, which can inhibit the comprehensive causes of skin aging at one time, it has been verified that it has the same effect as pharmaceuticals, which is different from general cosmetics. ''Jung jin ho effect' in order to prevent skin aging caused by dozens of reasons, launched 'good cosmetics ', it also plans to introduce functional cosmetics with remarkable whitening effect, acne-removing cosmetics that regulate sebum, and cosmetics that clearly improve and improve cognition after use. Professor Zheng also added, 'although it started with cosmetics enterprises, it plans to develop into biological enterprises in the future. There are many functional cosmetics that have no effect on the market, so we continue to develop new products with principles and conscience. '
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