Contractive pore myth! Did you understand what is pore types

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Pore terrorist only oneself know, because far is not scary, only found himself almost see small holes, look at uncomfortable. Now many girl also know to shrink the pores, but most should do is to distinguish between pore types, because different pore solution is different, according to their types with skin conditions to suit the remedy to the case to tighten the pores. Pores have a lot of reasons, so according to the factors to suit the remedy to the case for maintenance, to solve the problem of pore is bulky. School small make up today will tell you about grease type pore type and dry aging pores. Dry type pore ageing: the skin is easy to dry, even summer makeup is peeling; Pore is concentrated in two buccal, a bit like dried orange peel; Pore shape is long and narrow, the Y type or water droplets. There are two or more is aging dry pores. Dry skin, plus collagen breakdown, unable to effectively support the skin, the pores around with sag, elongated, with shadow, make look bulky pore. This type of pores should pay attention to absolutely cannot let the skin dry! Intensive hydrating and compact essence, and in view of the surrounding skin pores concentrated lift, can shrink pores. Pores method: step 1: moisturizing cleansing, maintain skin moisture. Remember to choose moist degree higher discharge makeup products when cleaning and moisturizing cleansing product, this can keep skin moisture content and sebum originally, after washing a face should feel pure and fresh and clean with water. TIPS: when washing a face is pulling at the bottom of skin, helps tighten the skin. Step 2: make up water massage, even pore water embellish. Massage with water, it is suggested that a high function toner approximate essence fluid composition, quality of a material is thick with high penetration, can easily play moisturizing base, and can enhance the absorption of the follow-up maintenance. TIPS: massage can be up by the chin dynasty temple raise, avoid friction, firming skin. Step 3: use eye anti-aging essence to maintain the pores. Because according to the essence of the design, molecular smaller better absorption, eye week after maintenance, take a little more to places where two buccal pore bulky, the effect is very good. Grease type pores: T zone, forehead often shine; Pore is u-shaped, focused on the T zone, there was an obvious hoary head and nose blackheads. There are two or more is the grease type pores. Skin give oil, cutin is piling up around the pores, not clear in time, will be fat open pore, pore is grew up day by day, solidified into acne, after accumulation in pore openings. This type of pores should first clear unobstructed after filling water to recover health pore, follow-up to join the oil-control essence, can better contractive pore. Contraction type grease pores: step 1: enzyme cleansing, empty deep dirt. Want to make deep acne, need to remove obstacles on the surface of the skin. Enzymes can moderate decomposition corneous cell connections between protein, help the old waste cutin metabolism and take deep sebum dirt. ( Sensitive girl with caution, can use 1:1 mixed cleanser, but don't stay more than 30 seconds. ) TIPS: before washing a face with a warm towel evaporate face, help soften horniness, help to better metabolic clearance. TIPS: acne more places, such as nose, chin with a circle way, clean, take away the acne. Step 2: choose 'acid moderate unclog pores. Clears out to shrink pores, can use contains the essence of almond acid, contains fat-soluble ingredients, can fit the skin, deep cutin metabolism, but also can bacteriostatic, containment, pore one pace reachs the designated position. TIPS: according to the sliding along the nose fixed, hand skin, help through the pores. Step 3: make up water shi fu, regulate the skin. After acid extract with moisturizing lotion ( Shi fu) To brighten the effect is better, when the water is enough, skin metabolism can smoothly, also can prevent oil within the skin becomes dry, more difficult to deal with pore problem. Watching knew contractive pore isn't so difficult, just want to distinguish yourself why big pores, to suit the remedy to the case through the daily skin care little steps can shrink pores.
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