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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
Hong Kong and the mainland consumption regulations differ < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:07 < / p> < p> Hong Kong and the mainland consumption regulations vary, ms Hong Kong consumer council director-general Liu Yanqing suggest Hong Kong tourists in the city to be intelligent consumers. Shopping in Hong Kong in dispute, don't stay in the store theory, retrieve the receipt or any proof that you are in the store material, to trade the alarm as soon as possible or to Hong Kong consumer council require assistance. < / P> < P> not all goods 'are not satisfied with return' < / P> < P> 'are not satisfied with return' in Hong Kong is not a common practices. Hong Kong the goods on the market without price controls, the same commodity prices may vary greatly in different shop, consumers purchase price is relatively cheap, if you find other businesses after being unable to price high ask to return money for reason. Shopping in Hong Kong, different businesses or products have different guarantee, the goods sold ordinance in Hong Kong, such as the goods do not conform to the sales quality, customers can return, a refund, repair or open a letter of credit to buy the goods of equivalent, etc. < / P> < P> note that Hong Kong has no '3 packets' policy < / P> < P> Hong Kong only goods must conform to safety standards, is not similar to the mainland's 'three packs of policy'. So consumers should know, if encounter problems, goods return, change and repair when completely according to the sales of operators to provide consumers agreed in writing ( Including specifications, etc. ) The content is carried out. < / P> < P> cosmetics instructions with the mainland big difference between < / P> < P> when special attention should be paid to buy cosmetics in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, there is no law against cosmetics must indicate the guarantee period, the production site and composition, only the use must conform to safety. < / P> < P> '14 days refund' is only applicable to team tourists < / P> < P> '14 days full refund guarantee' in regulation: every organization in Hong Kong travel through a travel agency and participate in arranged by its shopping passengers, all can enjoy 14 days free asked him a refund. When consumer shopping should ask for the invoice, and guarantee the goods without any damage and according to the purchase or packaging when you pick up the goods returned. To return after consumers buy, be sure to 14 days since the date with shopping invoice originals, in a timely manner, a refund to the travel agency arranged by the travel agency and to return. It is important to note that the above the terms of the 14 day free asked him a refund only applies to organized by travel agencies in Hong Kong ( Macau exception) And arrange for shopping, personal protection shopping in Hong Kong do not enjoy the above clause. < / P> < P> to buy watches and clocks, jewelry brand need to see colour, < / P> < P> the Hong Kong government regulations, gold and gold alloy manufactured goods must have appropriate labels, must achieve more than 990 colour can be referred to as the pure, all gold decorations must be specified on the product, the documents must be marked on the colour and name of the product. When buying jewelry, consumer should ask merchants on the documents stating the colour of gold. If consumer is buying a diamond, by the American college of gem is to pay attention to the Hong Kong rating standard, different from the domestic standard. If buying watches, consumers to choose their idea of a 'world watch', don't believe what a brand is international brand or for businesses to change his mind. < / P>
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