Confusing six in skin care skin care concept

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
With progressive elaboration of the concept of skin care, the birth of maintain article also becomes more targeted, followed by your beauty benefits in addition to depends on the use of product quality and maintenance attitude, mastery of skin condition and nursing is really understand some steps, or the definition of product efficacy is also very important. 1, confusing concepts: whitening & amp; Pale spot whitening, whitening mainly focus on carry bright color of skin, improve complexion dark, let skin color number to get promoted as a whole. Weak spot: whitening products may not be able to pale spot, but there must be a very powerful whitening pale spot products. Pale spot products in some spots, or the main function of the skin defects on the root causes of improved for practical stubborn pigment deposition and inflammatory cells. 2, confusing concepts: hydrating & amp; Moisturizing moisturizing, hydrating is purely for skin complement moisture, make skin cells swell and become plentiful full, water, health, so rely on toner and flake mask can be realized. Want to know the detailed for their skin skin care plan please click below the skin test. Moisturizing, moisturizing is mainly in order to prevent loss of moisture in the skin, sebum, with some containing colloid, the role of oil and other moisturizing ingredients enhance the sealing capacity of skin, against dryness. 3, confusing concepts: anti-wrinkle & amp; Tight anti-wrinkle: anti-wrinkle purpose is to make the grain on the skin and ravines, desalination has had the years trace, but your forehead and neck lines of congenital basic is invalid. Firming: firming products contained many collagen irritating ingredients and anti-aging ingredients, can let the skin get promoted, the outline of improve facial slack phenomenon. 4, and easily confused concept: antioxidant & amp; Anti-aging antioxidant: against oxidative assaults is another should start as early as possible after moisturizing, antioxidant purpose is to protect the skin from free radical excessive, make the skin bright and young. Anti-aging: anti-aging concept contains antioxidant this step, but a deeper again, not only to neutralize free radicals, try to reduce the oxidative damage of skin, delay skin aging process more comprehensive. 5, confusing concepts: oil-free formula & amp; Texture refreshing oil-free formula: oil-free formula that as the name implies the product does not contain oily cent, but definitely not represent the quality of the products must be relaxed and connect fully. Fresh texture: the quality of the product depends on the formula, fresh texture products may contain a very basic does not contain a small amount of grease or oil, it is possible that through the use of silicone oil to create a relaxed feeling. 6, confusing concepts: allergy & amp; Sensitive allergy: after exposure to allergic source, the skin will appear allergy, and used in some intolerance ingredients maintain article after also can appear allergic skin, in simple terms, the culprit of the allergy is allergic source. Sensitive: the skin is the main reason of the sensitive skin barrier function is low, in this case, the skin stimulation can become quite sensitive to the outside world, such as sun, wind or after exposure to alcohol.
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