Commonly used cosmetics OEM printing process have?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
Commonly used cosmetics manufacturer OEM printing process in cosmetics manufacturer OEM printing process, the flat printing, embossed, gravure printing is called four printing method. Modern cosmetics OEM printing process, often using various advantageous to combination of printing process. Such as offset printing technique was used to realize image accurately reproduce, intaglio printing is used to complete large area of color reproduction, flexo printing or screen printing is adopted to improve the polishing and surface finishing, using digital printing for packaging customization and security, etc. Although now printing technology with each passing day, various technical flowers, presents the phenomenon of schools of thought contend. But, in the cosmetics OEM industry, after a long time inspection and statistical validation of the market feedback, common several printing process: 1, hot stamping, The silver) Through heating, pressure, the gold foil stamping on the paper. Printing gold ( The silver) Imprinting and solid, metallic simple sense is good, strong hiding power, high floating force, can present strong metallic luster, and lower cost. The patterns of the printed clear, beautiful, bright color, wear resistance, weather resistance. Commonly used in cosmetics OEM product trademark, registered name, the effect is remarkable. 2, belong to hole printing screen printing screen printing. Plate ( Paper film version or other edition version made by ink on the perforation) In printing, with certain pressure make the ink through the hole perforation transferred to substrates ( The paper, ceramic, etc. ) , forming the image or text. Screen printing is not limited by the size and shape substrates, plate-making is convenient, the price also cheap. Ink layer thick, rich graphic layers, stereo sense is strong, wide substrates. Using UV screen printing ink, cosmetics OEM packaging carton printing on grinding, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other effects, can greatly stimulate the purchase desire of consumers. 3, offset printing, offset printing is one of the types of offset printing, with the aid of the rubber ( Rubber cloth) The graphic is passed on to the substrates on the plate printing way. Offset printing speed, print quality is relatively stable, the entire printing cycle is short. Part of graphic printing and the graphic is basically in the same plane, ink thickness thin. Offset printing and screen printing way of discrimination is very direct, with his hand to touch the surface of the printing, if can feel bump texture of text patterns, is the silk screen; If you don't feel any text pattern tactility is smooth surface, is offset printing. 4, click use convex concave and convex mold, under certain pressure, the plastic deformation in the print base material, thus to art print surface processing. Hit convex print quality, anaglyph stereoscopic effect, the visual impact can let a person never forgets anything, usually bring cosmetics OEM business LOGO to make the process effect. However, hit convex process, the cost is relatively high, and the precision of the metal zinc plate co. , LTD. , cannot reflect the small details. 5, sculpture, engraving printing process, also known as carving gravure, refers to is the carving gravure method printing plate way of intaglio printing. Carving gravure has the advantage of using the line of different shapes and ideas of the picture, show design shades of light and shade levels, stiffness, strong like a picture of a small prints, artistic quality is strong. Original is carved by hand, complex and plate-making technology, printing difficulty is very high, so to prevent copying the forgery. As a result of the carving gravure version of grain, containing large amount of ink, ink printed on paper are raised, you have obviously feel fingers gently stroked, under the light with a magnifying glass observation ideas and lines cut seal, refraction reflection, just as relief. Above is the XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM company sort out several common cosmetics manufacturer OEM packaging and printing process of ~
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