Common cosmetic containers which safety to the user

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
In plastic bottle packaging, PET bottle of dominating waiting for broad, from oil to food, medicine bottle packing to the cosmetic packing, in nearly every size, PET bottle packing are clueless. To develop, PET bottle packaging has many advantageous, is can't control by other material plastic bottles. PET bottle, however, there are some problems that need to be modified, improved these problems only safeguard its status in plastic bottle size should indeed, can also with glass bottles, and other packaging products to gain the upper hand. Cosmetic containers with much is plastic, as high as 80%; Glass times, only 8%. And with much more does not mean that the plastic is more suitable for filling maintain article. Main reason or plastic can change degree is high, a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, transparent and opaque can do it. Light weight, easy to transport, excellent printing, recyclable, etc. , are all plastic containers are more reason to choose to adopt. Plastic fate is not heat-resisting, light barrier property is not enough, poor solvent resistance ( Especially the fat class) 。 Plastic containers, therefore, the first bottleneck is unable to high-temperature steam sterilization, water washing, not the light sterilization. In addition, consider the stability of the content, some maintain article, does not fit in a plastic container. Compared with plastic, glass cosmetic container solvent resistance, heat, light and definitely win. So, unless it is inferior quality of the glass, maintain article for live home is glass container. Metal cosmetic container is limited by many in the molding style, the container with the cylinder ( Refined oil) , wide mouth bottle ( Lip) Give priority to, loading maintain article mostly in the pure oil, most of the time as the bottle caps, bottle caps and other accessories. Construction of the recycled plastic craft won great progress against sex ratios for several years, plastic recycled plastic recycling dominating craft, make plastic bottles from receive rate greatly ascend, plastic bottles and a repentance to the received receive low, burned more quantity, the scene image from the image, but due to the capital of a few times repeatedly dominating, favoured by many businesses. For pleasure for low carbon globalization trend, many large beverage, food, plastic manufacturers are preliminary prior purchasing and production of recycled plastic production of plastic bottles. Today, the domestic surplus and the company has realized the dominating food plastic bottles of complete regeneration. 426. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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