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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Skin care is big project to last for a lifetime woman, want to do a lifetime of 'beauty', it is important to maintain.

women maintenance mainly depend on skin care products, skin care products with much will increase the burden on the skin, do not remove the effect of some with less, so the amount of how much is the best?

XJ Beauty for you prepared a skin scientists calculated amount!

see come over!

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use daily cleanser is usually divided into two kinds, dosage in about 1 at a time. 5 g, so a 100 g cleansing finish in about a month time ~

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in order to achieve the ideal and intensive repair improvements, whether muscle bottom liquid or essence, the amount of time must stay at 0. 5 - 0. 7 ml, quantity too large to cause skin composite, easy to silence. The essence of the 40 ml bottle of products a month and a half - - - - - - - Within two months after use.

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cream products every time about the amount of guarantee in 0. 7 - 1 g or so to have the ideal repair protect wet water lock effect, about 2 - Three Huang Douli size.

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emulsion emulsion capacity is probably in 100 ml above, when use the dosage is about 1 at a time. 5 ml, if you want to use make up cotton apply, that the amount of time to guarantee the above 2 ml, and daub by the same token, the water in order to avoid excessive friction to stimulate the skin cutin layer, so a bottle of lotion can support about a month or so care day and night.

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makeup water discharge makeup product every time the dosage must ensure at least 3 ml, way so as to thoroughly clean dissolved residue and dirt on the face, and avoid the dosage is too little to cause skin receive excessive friction and damage the skin barrier, so usually take a bottle of capacity is 150 ml of discharge makeup product finished in one and a half months to two months.

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purchase eye skin thin and tender, and so the amount of eye cream must can not stingy, the dosage of the skin around eyes every time must keep zero. More than 2 g, about the size of a green bean one eye dosage, can take care of eye end until the position of the temple.

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