Combining personalized cosmetics with perceptual data

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-15
'Combining personalized customized cosmetics with consumers' perceptual data is the way to improve the competitiveness of cosmetics '. Professor Noh Hosik of engineering at Suwon University in South Korea put forward such suggestions as big data application scheme to the cosmetics field at the seminar on the theme of 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of cosmetics' held on July 3. At present, the purchase method of cosmetics consumers is to actively use Beauty review websites or friends' recommendations, so the quantitative perceptual data of customers can change their purchase mode. Professor Lu stressed that when developing products, it is very important to ensure that relevant data on consumer demand are understood. Although cosmetics manufacturing and sales enterprises using OEM and ODM cosmetics enterprises in South Korea are growing explosively, most product planning depends on the sensibility of planners, so it has certain limitations, therefore, it is very important to understand the purchase mode of consumers. To this end, we should actively use the collected big data through information providing channels and data collection channels. He also said that local certified products that can be actively applied to local brands should also be actively used. He gave an example to illustrate that the 'Yue Shi Feng Yin' brand is a local characteristic brand jointly launched with Jeju cosmetics certification and has embarked on the road to success. Therefore, the research and development of products that can become local characteristic brands can have differences. Professor Lu also said that this trend is precisely the direction that consumers are changing from choosing cosmetics through traditional simple symptoms and perceptual demands to choosing products through scientific certification and perceptual coordination, beauty brands are building big data for consumers in order to make personalized cosmetics based on human application tests. He suggested that 'compared with the information about skin condition, perceptual data is more needed for the planning of personalized cosmetics, and perceptual data may also become a kind of personalized customization, cosmetic product planners can make products different by studying consumer purchase patterns and formulating Investigation and Analysis plans.
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