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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Cma testing opportunity to discuss the elite of the REACH regulation will < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:23:40 < / p> < p> vendors will check ( CMA测试) Will be held in September in southern China free opportunity to discuss the exchange of the REACH regulation. Our company sincerely invite you to join us in the discussion, the adverse impact of the REACH of your into unlimited business opportunities. < / P> < P> invited object: < / P> < P> quality control supervisor ( QA) + enterprise marketing director, general manager of the sales manager < / P> < P> involving industry: < / P> < P> toys ( Such as silly putty/bubble gun) , stationery, cosmetics manufacturer, daily chemical cleaning products, chemical products and raw materials, flavored or volatile products, etc. < / P> < P> about REACH BBS: < / P> < P> the REACH is the European Union provisions on the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals, aims to protect human health and ecological environment from chemical applications brought about by the crisis. REACH law on June 1, 2008, in a general, the cosmetics manufacturer or importer annual production and export of chemicals for more than 1 ton must be registered in the European chemicals management office in accordance with the law, otherwise it will not be entering the eu market. The pre-registration deadline for November 30, 2008. < / P> < P> this BBS by CMA Testing ( Cma testing) Hold, the purpose is to invite many managers of enterprises affected and REACH our leading experts together to discuss the damage to them, and how to convert these hazards to the unlimited business opportunities. < / P> < P> about CMA Testing: < / P> < P> CMA Testing in 1979 by the Hong Kong one of the largest and oldest chamber of commerce and industry groups - the Chinese manufacturers association of Hong Kong, is an independent and large scale quality inspection institutions. Last year, CMA TESTING in conjunction with the Hong Kong university of science and technology ( HKUST) , the Hong Kong quality assurance agency ( HKQAA) , with the government of Hong Kong trade and industry department funding support jointly set up the EHS CENTER support CENTER at http://www for free. ehscentre。 Org/for the industry to provide the REACH of technical support. < / P> < P> if there are any queries on the BBS, welcome to call 800 - 999 - 8168, or email to info. sc@cmatcl。 com。 There we will contact with you. < / P>
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