Cleansing milk skin care efficacy not is the key

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
The processing professional cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty in a combination of many offline survey found that cleanser is every girl from the girl's time in trying to protect skin to taste, the importance of washing a face to girls as whitening sunscreen. It is the most basic way of girls clean skin, is more than strong effect of deep-seated and clean face daily, to help the girl will be deposited dust and greasy feeling for a long time away. market is always changing, so in different periods, cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer of cleansing OEM products have been constantly changing, the old mother generation lack of professional skin care concept, often wash a face with soap. Soap clean ability is strong, but strong lies in effective clean force, removing oil balance also instead, destroy the healthy skin environment lead to grow blain blain. Dedicated more recently advocated cold soap, mild moisturizing price is high, save to use also more troublesome, so more girls tend to choose the cleanser. The types of facial cleanser has a lot of, it also has the shadow of the soap base, but more moderate in proportion. There are also some amino acids is cleansing skin sensitive girl of the Gospel, more moist. Cleanser after upgrading gradually exceeded the clean effect, and add a lot of whitening, acne removing effect. Actually a parity cleanser can do cleanliness and will not lead to a tight enough is hard to please, basic will not have other moisturizing whitening effect. Some expensive lady cleanser will have some level of active whitening ingredients, but my face wash my face short time's very difficult to really have obvious effect, less after after essence cream for a long time effectively. Wash a face is wet face first, Also some products can be directly) And then hit bubble cleansing my face. Not clean face massage, from T to two buccal time control in 15 seconds is enough, time is too long to cause residual instead. With flowing water surface, special attention to the around hairline and nose clean, wash completely after washing a face with towel to dry. In addition, XJ Beauty is here to tell you more of a, cleansing milk, though not the most expensive cosmetics, but it has not substitute effect, girls in affordable to try several rather than a paragraph with the same.
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