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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Clarins fiber shes firming essence milk ( V face cream) Editorial review < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:51:00 < / p> do you still dare to 45 degrees only pose? Scissors hands face the same? Meant to fix figure is necessary? Round face, a bubble face, double chin and so on all sorts of facial contour problem let you dare not face to face with the lens? The following review of this product believe can help you to achieve no dead Angle three-dimensional face. < p> product introduction: according to the Asian women born round face, the outline is not solid and not balanced diet habits of facial contour, the impact of clarins initiative 【 Plant plastic pigments cutting-edge technology to 】 Persimmon fruit, melons, planar, selection, red balls and so on the many kinds of precious plant quintessence, ginger effective lift firming, fine outline, discharge water, reshape the three-dimensional V shape. < / p> < p> applicable people: all type of skin < / p> < p> product appearance: the product USES the light golden packaging, low profile and do not lose simple sense. The bottle size convenient grip. < / p> < p> the bottle away from light design and press type bottle, can make the product minimize pollution, convenient and save. And exquisite packaging and proper capacity, more convenient to carry out, ease of use is high. < / p> < p> texture and ductility: product has milk-white essence milk texture, has a light faint scent. < / p> < p> product is away, can rapid integration with the skin absorption, no rub the phenomenon such as mud, good ductility. < / p>
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