Claim about cosmetic skin care products: how much do you know? How is legal?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
As brands, pay attention to the claims of skin care products and cosmetics manufacturer, and wonderful cosmetics that cause consumers to purchase desire, but improper claims and food and drug administration for the record and sampling hit the point.

claim that how much do you know about our product? How to claim to under the precondition of law-abiding maximum to attract consumers? This is a very important subject.

today XJ Beauty, resolution for you: how to achieve accurate and effective legal? Avoid into the pit!


in line with the current related laws and regulations of the

claimed that the relevant laws and regulations of basically has the following kinds:

'cosmetic health supervision regulations' article 14 of the regulation of cosmetics advertisements shall not resort to the cosmetics name number, effectiveness, or performance is false, exaggerated propaganda; Guarantee or in the name of another person shall not be used to indicate method of misleading their usefulness; Shall not promote medical effect.

'cosmetics identity management regulations' ( The 100th order) Article 6 ( 2) Restriction on the naming of common name, article 16 of may not indicate the content of the limit.

the cosmetics naming rules and life guide in article 5 for regulations on naming the situation of banning the use of cosmetics, also recommended can claim terms.

'about printing cosmetics technology review key points and technical evaluation guide notice for special use cosmetics manufacturer technical evaluation, put forward based on efficacy components shall be for relevant experiment report or published scientific literature, relevant experiment report or scientific literature should clearly support the claimed effect. For the special use cosmetics without specific requirements to submit relevant materials.

'cosmetics label management method' in article 19 of efficacy claims management puts forward the principle, require companies to evaluate without authentication products mandatory labeling # # the effect without verification.

new article 28 of the 'advertisement law' regulation with false or misleading advertising content deceive and mislead consumers, constitute the false advertisement.

but the limitations of the above regulations is:

- — The above laws and regulations is mostly restrictions shall be limited to effect the relevant content, but there was no efficacy claims assessment information provided are clearly defined.

actual situation is, except for sunscreen product efficacy evaluation did not set specific evaluation standard, some cosmetic efficacy claims on the market, there is no effect evaluation information, the lack of regulations, causing false propaganda, exaggerated propaganda, and many other chaos, especially the special use cosmetics manufacturer efficacy could not judge, to the enterprise innovation development motivation, consumer choice and use of the great obstacles.


cosmetic efficacy evaluation

is the precondition of cosmetics declared

last year, China's food and drug verification research institute drafted 'cosmetic efficacy claims evaluation guidelines' ( The draft) ( Hereinafter referred to as 'guidelines') For cosmetic efficacy claims confirmed that provide guidance on the basis of evaluation work, the effect of authentic assessment data will directly affect the product development and sales.

cosmetic efficacy evaluation of sub-organizations

guidelines for cosmetic efficacy claims assessment, defines acceptable source, experimental design, data processing methods such as requirements, made clear the rationality of the data sources and authority; At the same time also to the design of experimental plan made specific provision, to ensure that the experimental data from the perspective of scientific and reasonable and experimental conclusions can reflect real cosmetics efficacy evaluation results lay the foundation.

cosmetic efficacy claims classification

guidelines prescribed besides can directly identify the effect of specific are through evaluating efficacy claims, including but not limited to, sunscreen, whitening spot, yukon, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, wrinkle, acne, containment, dandruff, repair, moisture,> 2 h) Efficacy.

the present situation of the development of cosmetics in China, compared with such regulations for the classification of the cosmetics and the management in our country at present.

cosmetic efficacy claims evaluation method

in general guidelines, cosmetic efficacy claims that evaluation method is more flexible, and do not break principle, have very strong maneuverability.

'method categories including but not limited to: in vivo tests, including human and animal trials; In vitro; Consumer surveys. Other according to the general requirements for testing and calibration experiment room ability ', verify the laboratory since the proposed method also can choose. '

efficacy claims to provide the evidence:

guiding principle, effect evidence that generally has the following categories:

the first Ⅰ categories: human testing report ( Blinded, randomized, controlled design, sample size to meet project goals and statistical significance) ;

the first Ⅱ classes: animal testing report;

the first Ⅲ categories: consumer reports ( Principle with human trials report) ;

the first Ⅳ class: in vitro alternative test report;

the first V class: in addition to other than the alternative test in vitro test report;

the first class VI: related literature or generally recognized by the industry information.

with the laws and regulations in the future be born, there has been real efficacy evaluation about cosmetic laws and regulations.

what cosmetic claim?

definition: by tags and advertising, business, supply process, in word, name, trademark, logo, Numbers, or other form, express or implied to transfer cosmetic product features or functions.

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