Circle of friends to industrial and commercial registration cosmetics citizens don't have to worry about buy a fake

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
From dongguan sunshine on the electricity traders buy cosmetics, buy fake products, the most afraid of be shrugged off. Recently, the guangdong food and drug administration issued the cosmetics business supervision measures for the administration of guangdong province network ( Draft) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'draft') To clear, the network cosmetics business operator shall, in accordance with the law of industrial and commercial registration. This means that the future of guangdong to network marketing cosmetics regulation, citizens don't have to worry about buy a fake. In recent years, with the growing social networking platform, WeChat cosmetics manufacturer sold in the circle of friends. Because of lack of regulation, a lot of electricity there are fake goods sold and true and false, and so on and so forth, adverse reactions after consumers use case occurred frequently, after-sale complaints is also quite difficult. 'If they are to sell fakes, use some false name false address, once appear, consumption disputes, they immediately disappeared from the Internet. Economic 'Wan Jiang industrial and commercial bureau to check stock clerk jianghang ice told reporters. According to the 'paper', whether in the self-built online, or in the third party platform, engaged in network cosmetics business operators shall be handled in accordance with the industrial and commercial registration. At the same time, the operator is also the business license should be information on its web site home page or engaged in business activities of the main page eye-catching place of the public. In addition, the paper also requires operators need to issue invoice to consumers purchase or service voucher, such as electronic purchase or service voucher, both can be used as the basis for handle consumer complaints. Residents said, after the policy, they can be traced according to the relevant information to businesses, product, resource, ensure product safety, use more comfortable.
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