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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
Mascara is big eyes of artifact, mascara is indispensable in the eye makeup cosmetics manufacturer, numerous eyelash creams, the effect is different also, brush head is different also, some have thick effect, while others have longer effect, some is kandy, beginners can learn from the simple brush a head to use up, step by step, gradually find suits own eyelash to cream. There are two ways to choose to suit your eyelash to cream first choice method: according to the natural formation of your eyelash, choose the appropriate eyelash to cream the second option method: according to brush a head to choose suitable for their products are the most common type of brush a head, the brush head can make eyelash brush evenly on the eyelash, make eyelash thick, suitable for sparse short eyelashes. The disadvantage is that: it is easy to brush into a section of the section, must be in the process of brush, brush with Z type way. Select the shape of the mascara: 1. 2 roll become warped effect. 3 shock effect. 4 long effect. Multiple effect syncretic eyes are the Windows of our soul. Binocular aged girl lovely, his eyes flashing like the Milky Way. Eye makeup is extremely important, want to be with eyes deep, sparkly if to speak. Let the eyelash to cream to help you!
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