Choose cosmetics OEM processing factory to pay attention to a few points

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Many skin care brand, the enterprise also does not have their own processing plants, assembly workshop, thus the brand cosmetics, enterprises must find about skin care products OEM manufacturers, many skin care products OEM cosmetics manufacturer in China, the dizzying, respectively, have said their own advantages, its own processing plant lists can with the international famous brand goods, combined with international, with overseas distributors immediately immediately to purchase raw materials, so what factory do like he used to say? Why there are so many customers have been looking for good skin care products OEM production and processing plant, has ended up with chilling? Here guys detail selection of skin care products OEM manufacturers must pay attention to several problems. 1. Visit, daily chemical industry, there are many middlemen, the price of the middlemen usually is relatively high, quality is difficult to ensure, so be sure to visit the cosmetics factory production and processing production cosmetics. 2. Did investigation cosmetics manufacturer factory have a laboratory, research and development department, many cosmetics factory laboratory and r&d department, not as processing plants are usually based on other factory bought some secret recipe with lab routine manufacturing, no product research and development work of the secret recipe of independent innovation ability, so that factory for 3 years, 5 years is full of manufacturing the same secret recipe of the goods. 3. Survey for product research and development staff, elite team, some cosmetics manufacturer factory has a lab, but no product research and development staff, elite team, they have technical engineers, but the engineers also can only simple profiling secret recipe to conform to carry out the production and manufacturing, home of choose and buy the real product research and development staff should have product research and development new secret recipe, has the independent innovation ability to work, rather than simple secret Fang Chan understand now. 4. Lab instrument, the production line equipment, laboratory equipment is decision-making the cosmetics manufacturer factory can product research and development of the new recipe 1 key elements; Production workshop production line equipment is harm to protect skin tactility, key elements of shape, so choose cosmetics OEM factory must need to see the factory machinery and equipment is excellent. 5. Assembly workshop, the skin care products for assembly shop although there is no drug production workshop is so high, but the provisions of the state to the production of cosmetics production workshop is also must, such as gas residue elements drainage equipment must conform to the rules, such as water content, the exhaust pipe assembly shop may not want very big, but the equipment must be complete. 6. Classic case, a technology professional cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer must for many well-known brands, production, processing and manufacturing goods, what a famous brand can have a look at the plant to production and processing to protect skin to taste, and can also distinguish the plant's reliable and the quality of products.
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