Choose cosmetics OEM enterprises should pay attention to the on-the-spot investigation

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
XJ Beauty found in the market analysis, although now do cosmetics OEM factory so much, but still there are so many customers can't find the right? Professional cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty that may be most customers have such psychological: small factories, production level, large factories, will only big brands of large orders and small noses at order. Therefore, XJ Beauty remind you that when choosing cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing plant, must have the skill, the key is to field trip. A, why is the most important field? Many people may not know, the cosmetics industry to the middlemen, they have the resources of the factory, and be familiar with the process of production of the factory, they accept the order in the name of the factory, and then place the order to the factory, make a difference. There is no doubt that intermediaries price will be higher than the price of the factory, and the quality can't guarantee, so choose the factory must field trip. Today to introduce several fieldwork matters needing attention. Second, should be paid attention to field investigation which place? 1, laboratories and research and development team and formula research and development team with a factory cooperation should all know, now there are still a lot of cosmetics factory is does not have its own laboratory and r&d team, these factories were bought from other places some formula back production directly, single production-oriented factories, without innovation ability, backward production technology, product quality can't keep up with the current market demand, there is no competitive advantage. Factory have a laboratory and r&d team, check whether has the ability to research and development innovation, some plants of r&d engineers, can only analyze to buy back the formula, not the ability of independent research and development, the research and development team can produce products is no competition. XJ Beauty focused digital for more than ten years research Dr Skin medicine, nutrition, biology experts, Beauty professional research talents and biological engineers, building strong technical force, before has strong development capabilities, has a wide product category, product characteristics, existing products include facial care products, body care products, pure natural plant effective care products, etc. , and can design according to customer's need independent formula products, customer products sales channels including cosmetic line, professional lines, monopoly chain, etc. 2, machinery and equipment, a factory must be used to develop the experimental equipment and production equipment for the production, advanced laboratory equipment is the most important factor in research and development of new formula, and workshop equipment will affect the quality of cosmetics, eye-pleasing, appearance, so the field trip, be sure to see if cosmetics OEM processing equipment advanced. 3 for cosmetics production workshop, production workshop countries the demand is higher and higher, is gradually to pharmaceutical production requirements, therefore, investigate the factory to see the factory waste water waste discharge system and so on whether meet the requirements of the national production workshop can be small, but it must be the sparrow is small, all-sided. XJ Beauty company currently has several modern production line, Automatic production line for mask) , many sets of advanced international and domestic emulsion, automatic filling, sterilizing, inspecting and testing instruments, with all kinds of cream, shampoo, beauty makeup products production conditions and ability. On the market for different areas, different types of customer satisfaction. 4, successful cases what cosmetics company, factory cooperation before go beauty salon generally high technical content, features obvious effect, in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine with more, almost daily, according to the factory service customer situation can also judge the credibility and quality. A product is good or bad will directly affect the survival of the whole company, therefore, choose a on processing factory is very important. Although the field is tedious, but only the way of field is, also can let you reduce the loss. XJ Beauty along with the rapid development of the factory, the company to the outside world vision, and the Canadian institute of japheth signed the agreement of technical cooperation, the implementation of complementary resources both at home and abroad, greatly improve product research and development capabilities as well as the competitiveness of the enterprises, and ensure that from XJ Beauty of every single product in the field of cosmetics can achieve high technical content, for the vast number of consumers to provide a quality guarantee, and can provide various type of skin people all over the world with the most suitable product formula, the product sells in distant markets Europe and America, southeast Asia, the Middle East. Contact phone number: 13602489362
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