Choose cosmetics factory what problem should note? These tips you should pay attention to!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Professional person to do professional processing cosmetics on

must seek professional

cosmetics OEM/ODM/OBM processing plant

but in choosing a factory there are a lot of problems in the process of

so many factories make a person dazzling

how to do?

XJ Beauty has obvious advantages in

product formula can compete with international brands production craft

raw materials in line with international standards directly purchase directly from foreign suppliers. 。 。

years of experience in cosmetics generation processing

XJ Beauty to everyone free of charge and pored over

choose cosmetics factory what problem should note?

these tips you should pay attention to!

Tips1, cosmetics factory where to find?

Chinese cosmetics factory mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, and cosmetics manufacturers in guangdong is the most, especially in baiyun district, according to incomplete statistics, baiyun district, there are more than 4000 cosmetics enterprises accounted for more than 75%, regardless of conditions, the customer must go to factory on-the-spot investigation, of course, in the prophase can through the Internet to find cosmetics processing factory, a preliminary talks, by telephone, understand the cosmetics generation processing related key points and preliminary cost quotation.

Tips2, cosmetics processing complete qualification?

no matter you choose cosmetics factory there can be, but check the qualification of the company is indispensable. XJ Beauty summarized here, cosmetics factory should have the new 'business license', 'cosmetics production license. The processing cosmetics production is completed, the trademark registration certificate, the product bar code, sales link must have the health inspection report, the quality inspection report, etc.

if the types of Tips3, processing special use cosmetics?

not all cosmetics factory can produce special use cosmetics, domestic card cosmetics processing type includes nine categories: spot, whitening, acne removing, repair, hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, body building, deodorant, etc. If there is no appearance, need to entrust a cosmetics manufacturer factory to declare, shortest time period also want to 6 months, and the process is very complicated. Choose XJ Beauty, have to belong to own characteristics the holder.

Tips4, cosmetics manufacturers field pay attention to what?

a, cosmetics factory production environment, production environment is the guarantee of quality.

2, cosmetics production equipment capacity requirements, and whether can guarantee on time delivery, whether to conform to the hygiene standards.

3, number of employees, and style, all cosmetics production need staff to finish, serious and responsible attitude, employees can effectively guarantee the product quality.

XJ Beauty has two cosmetics manufacturing plant, has passed the GMPC and ISO international certification. Gen beauty has always been adhering to the standards of international quality formula and sophisticated production technology, relying on strict quality management and perfect detection system to ensure the quality of the products, to provide customers with diversified, high-quality products. You fear the choice of cosmetics factory pay attention to the problem, XJ Beauty professional one-stop fix it for you.

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