Choose cosmetics factory need to pay attention to the problem

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
industry development is more and more good, now a lot of people are thinking about investment established brand cosmetics, their sales. That there will be a processing mode of cosmetics, cosmetics OEM can effectively solve the production problems for customers, reduce customer investment risk, improve customer competitiveness in the market. Excellent cosmetic processing factory to produce high quality products, to choose contract home need to pay attention to the following matters. Whether a, see cosmetics processing factory has qualified production qualification certificate makeup product processing factory production qualification certificate is necessary. When choosing cosmetics contract's first concern is whether the manufacturer has a cosmetics manufacturer business qualification, and is within the validity of the certificate, the business scope whether agree with cosmetic raw materials, these are the primary focus of cooperation. Processed, see the cosmetics factory is a professional production workshop choose cosmetics manufacturing plant, Suggestions in person permission to visit production workshop. Professional cosmetics manufacturers usually arrange product specialist in production workshop on duty, customers can focus on the workshop equipment is complete, the production line is complete, the parts of the equipment is normal operation, raw material is fresh, commissioner and the workers' division of labor is reasonable, and so on. Third, whether the processing cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer has a good after-sales service tracking for all walks of life now, degree of quality of service is to judge the first standard of the enterprise. Is no exception for cosmetics manufacturers, brands pay more attention to have a good after-sales service tracking, and what's more, this is not a one-shot deal is the key to long-term cooperation. For brands without generation of processing experience, can be simple is analyzed from two aspects: 1, products: first be clear what to generation of processing products, will demand specific: viscosity, pH, microbial, efficacy ( Whitening, spot, moisturizing, acne, etc. ) Numerical indicators, as well as the material selection and so on, these all need to have certain requirements, and then passed to the processing cosmetics factory, let the other side according to the needs of the development formula and a version of the sample preparation. 2, costs: cannot do clear cost, but also to estimate the development cost, sample preparation cost, the design formula packaging costs, raw material costs, production costs, and so on. In addition, choose cosmetics processing factory also note whether contract cosmetics manufacturer have a hygiene license, production license, and whether to put on record, and other aspects include the order delivery date, terms of payment, delivery delay treatment, quality problems of compensation mode, formulation confidentiality, factory production environment ( The purification level) , emulsion production equipment, in many aspects such as raw materials. For cosmetics and processing fees and details, please contact site corner sales manager. Above is the small make up to you to sort out the choice of the processing of small problems, hope useful for everyone, brand business needs, guangzhou XJ just professional Beauty cosmetics plant.
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