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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

If you choose a cosmetics processing factory, don't miss the big opportunity to make cosmetics categories on the e-commerce platform because of small and cheap prices.  What do you value most about cosmetics? The product quality is good, the effect is good, and it sells well. Yes, this is what all e-commerce companies hope. So, what do you value most about the cosmetics processing factory you choose? Qualified, powerful and considerate, it can bring benefits to your store and the price is not expensive. And Xiaobian and the majority of e-commerce friends want to sigh, such manufacturers are very few! Xj beauty has a customer who has encountered such a situation. The customer is a plant planting base and wants to process and fill the plant pure Dew and essential oil for sale in Tmall. After comparing the quotations of many manufacturers, after learning that a certain manufacturer is slightly lower than our processing quotation, we resolutely chose a certain manufacturer. Things are not satisfactory. A large number of products produced have not been sold. Why can't they be sold? The extraction technology of this manufacturer's plant raw materials is not mature, the experience of processing cosmetics with plant raw materials is not enough, and cosmetics have deteriorated. I thought that I found a wire to make money at a low price.  I was busy with the registration of registered trademark products.  After running before and after running, the money did not earn a huge loss.  

The manufacturer's follow-up work attitude, it really hurt her heart. The customer gave up the idea and sold the raw materials. Two years later, I saw that a friend of the same trade not only owned his own brand, but also sold his products in a thriving market.  

His heart was particularly uncomfortable, making the customer determined to find another manufacturer. Because I had learned about xj beauty when I chose the manufacturer before and visited it on the spot, I knew that XJ BEAUTY was very professional and experienced in product research and development and processing technology, but at that time, because it was greedy for small and cheap, later, I chose a manufacturer. She once again found us xj beauty.  

After learning her needs, xj beauty tailored a set of exclusive processing solutions for her, from her brand registration to product filing, from packaging design to finished product shipment, from raw material extraction to after-sales tracking, xj beauty served her all the way to the end.  Not only that, xj beauty also provided her with product filing and testing reports, A number of plant invention patents can be directly displayed in Tmall stores to guarantee the value-added of products.  More importantly, the price is still very reasonable, which surprised her and regretted not choosing xj beauty as soon as possible. Now, after a few years, this customer has been working closely with xj beauty.  

xj beauty has also developed a variety of new products for her, and she sells very well. Every time I talk to my friends about the experience of the first cooperative manufacturer, she will tell her friends earnestly that she should not be greedy for small profits and miss a good opportunity to make money. Xj beauty deep plant cosmetics processing Guangzhou xj beauty cosmetics processing factory, national high-tech enterprise, teaching base of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, it has a cosmetics production license and business license with two certificates and a National Pollution Discharge certificate. From the details to ensure product quality, each product shipment has a unique traceability code, integrity for customers, there is a strong after-sales guarantee, welcome every customer supervision. Xj beauty adheres to the concept of 'quality first, safety and effectiveness, scientific and technological innovation' and adopts a first-class ERP Enterprise production management system to produce high-quality cosmetics for customers.                                

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