'Chinese men's lecherous report': Post-95 boys buy makeup, Post-90 boys love skin care-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-08
'Chinese men's lecherous report': Post-95 boys buy makeup, Post-90 boys love skin care, post-80 boys in hair care on 2018, Chinese men's makeup frequently broke the social circle. On November 8, according to the Tmall's 'Double 11' release, which focuses on Chinese men's beauty makeup personality and other products, Chinese men are becoming more and more fond of beauty, spending more and more on skin care, makeup and beauty makeup, after 95, boys buy makeup, after 90, boys love skin care, after 80, boys in hair care . . . . . . Such items as honey powder, depilatory cream and raw beard liquid increased by more than 200% year on year. Chongqing men love to dress up in the country's eighth multi-function, for beginners, one step . . . . . . It is the Top3 trait that men are most concerned about when buying skin care and beauty products. Obviously, if you want boys to start loving beauty, the most important thing is 'how fast, how good and how saved '. At this year's World Cup, South Korean goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou's 90-minute exquisite makeup was popular, causing straight men to search for the same BB cream. As a result, BB cream became the first key for Chinese men to open the 'face Project'. Taobao Tmall sales jumped 192% in 2018. In terms of regional performance, Chengdu ranked first with an extremely high comprehensive index, while Shenzhen and Hangzhou ranked second and third in terms of men's spending power to buy beauty makeup and personal care, as well as the number of consumers. Chongqing men are famous for their generosity and frankness. They are also unambiguous about the face project, the eighth in the country. Chinese men love 'one-character eyebrow' best, which is a major feature of Chinese men's face management project. According to the report, in 2018, Chinese men's purchase showed their enthusiasm for makeup. Although the base was not large, men's purchase of beauty makeup increased significantly-- Men's honey powder sales jumped 249%, men's eye shadow rose 544%, men's highlights rose 505%. At the same time, sunscreen, isolation, neck cream, makeup and other commodities increased by less than 50%. In terms of makeup remover, men seldom buy or use professional makeup remover products such as makeup remover oil and makeup remover, while soap and facial cleanser have become 'master keys' that can be used from head to foot, become the highest frequency tool for cleaning skin. In addition to makeup, men also have a large key protection unit--Eyebrows. According to the report, the best-selling men's eyebrow trimming product on Taobao Tmall is a group of 'Men's eyebrow trimming 25-piece sets '; At the same time, the eyebrow-shaping products that women buy are a group of 'women's eyebrow-shaping 3-piece sets', which attracts many women to laugh at themselves. 'I am rough '. Among the male hot eyebrow searches, 'one-character eyebrow', 'sword eyebrow' and 'angular eyebrow' become top3 hot eyebrow searches. In the user comment area, male consumers generally believe that eyebrow shape has an 'immediate' effect on face improvement. The hair removal cream has skyrocketed by 191%, and the health care liquid has skyrocketed by. If makeup and eyebrow shaping are only whitewash from the outside, then the double surge of hair removal cream and hair growth liquid has caused a lot of deep thought. Today, the post-80s generation has become the first force in the hair care, hair growth, hair care and hair transplant Corps. According to Alibaba Health data, 11% of users will choose hair restorer and hair growth instrument to help maintain hair health, while 3% of users will choose hairline pen, 86% of users will use wig sets or grow hair in one step. Nowadays, the rejuvenation of the 'hair loss problem' has become the biggest worry for urban people. This year, the pre-sale amount of Ali Health's 'package package' is nearly 100, and more than hair follicles have been snapped up, which is enough to show adults' worries about 'hair difficulties. On the one hand, it is to try to make a life, and on the other hand, it is to try to get rid of 'hands and feet '. On 2018, the sales volume of 'depilation cream' on Taobao Tmall rose by 262%. Summer became the peak time for orders, and 'freezing point depilation' and 'painless depilation' became hot search keywords. Hair Removal, hair growth . . . . . . The way men open their struggle with hair has become a mystery. Source: Chongqing Morning News Media Co. , Ltd.
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