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China cleaning products industry self-discipline announcements < p> 2017 - 03 - First chapter 16 13:26:24 < / p> general article 1 with a view to establish and strengthen industry self-discipline mechanism under the socialist market economy system, regulating the behavior of washing products industry production and sales, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and business operators, establish and maintain a fair, fair and orderly market competition environment, in accordance with the law to promote the healthy development of socialist market economy, to make this convention. In article 2 of this convention to establishing and regulating the production and operation of industry and enterprise, improve the quality of the industry as a whole, to establish a good image for the purpose of the industry, the industry convention, enterprise, industry code stipulates the moral and convention management. Article 3 of this convention is the basis of the industry management and industry self-discipline, all China cleaning products industry association member companies, all should abide by it. Article 4 of the second chapter industry convention consciously maintain the industry market order, strictly abide by the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard ', 'price law of the People's Republic of China' and 'anti-unfair competition law of the People's Republic of China', 'consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law', 'standardization law of the People's Republic of China' and other relevant laws and regulations, and production, legal management according to law. Article 5 all the member units to formulate and strictly comply with the relevant technology, technology, operational procedures, strict product quality standards, adhere to the policy of quality first and not cut corners, shoddy, no false advertising. Article 6 all the member units to strictly implement national regulations on the management of the product price, not any price increases, bounty, interacting, or unfair competition with other wrongdoing. Same product pricing or pricing to balance each other, strengthen consultation, should not blindly on dumping and damage the interests of the industry and other enterprises. To improve management, improve production technology, adjust product structure, reducing production consumption and production cost, to carry out a fair and reasonable competition. Article 7 all the member units in the process of production to strictly abide by the state environmental protection laws and regulations, consciously take on environmental responsibilities. The third chapter code article 8 cleaning products industry enterprises in the production and business operation activities and business activities, should be good reputation, heavy contract, the performance of the agreement, it is forbidden to fraud, coaxing, etc. Article 9 advocates the solidarity and collaboration between industry peers, help each other and common development. Don't do harm the image of the industry as a whole and interests, do not do beggar-thy-neighbour, belittle others, drive up to do your own thing. Article 10 all members shall be jointly maintain the industry technology and management talent as the distribution order, in other employing unit personnel service for the enterprise, should respect the legitimate rights and interests of the former unit, shall not illegally obtaining, using its former unit technology, intellectual property rights and trade secrets. Article 11 of the fourth chapter industry moral advocate solidarity, mutual assistance and harmony, self-discipline, corporate reputation, giving full play to the advantages of a good image and the overall industry. In the industry and the issues occurred, should be taken to exchange information, mutual discussion, friendly consultation, etc. Article 12 the advocate, integrity, law-abiding, pay attention to credibility, civilized production, to self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline, strictly in accordance with the production and operation, strengthen the consciousness of legal system and strengthen enterprise management, don't cheat, pay attention to the production and business operation performance, to further enhance the image of the industry and enterprise construction and the construction of spiritual civilization. Article 13 the advocate undertake to the worker discipline and professional ethics education. Strengthen staff learn politics, science, technology, learning professional knowledge education work, continuously improve service quality, the worker's moral accomplishment and technology set up work excellently demeanor, the worker to be with ideal, morality, culture and discipline of civilization employees, the company into a corporation culture. Article 14 advocated abide by social morality, maintaining public interests and public order, protect the environment, comply with the production and sales of local laws and regulations and the provisions. Chapter v convention management article 15 of this convention is both a member enterprise self-discipline treaty, but also the most basic industry production and management rules, each enterprise must strengthen self-discipline consciousness, abide by. Article 16 industry enterprises and institutions in violation of the convention and have a negative effect, as is true, according to different situation to give warning, industry internal criticism, informed criticism, media exposure, such as processing, wrongdoing by the relevant state law enforcement departments to deal with. Article 17 in the process of implementation, there are imperfections, association members are suggested to modify or supplement, after approved by the association council discuss modification added. Article 18 of this convention by the washing of China association council examined and approved before implementation. Article 19 the power of interpretation of this convention belong to China cleaning products industry association council.
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