China will become the world's largest production base for cosmetic processing-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-08
China will become the world's largest production base of cosmetics processing with the continuous upgrading of a large number of domestic cosmetics processing enterprises in terms of technical personnel, technology and equipment, more and more foreign cosmetics manufacturers choose to be OEM cosmetics factories in China. It is reported that after China's accession to the World Trade Organization, about 1/3 of the world's OEM business will be transferred to China. More and more world-famous manufacturers have transferred their production to China, making China a processing plant for global industrial manufacturing. For this reason, some experts predict that China will become the world's cosmetics processing base. 'At present, the evolution path of cosmetics industry is similar to that of clothing and household appliance enterprises in those years. In addition, China is still the most potential consumer market in the world, therefore, with the improvement of technology and management level of Chinese cosmetics processing enterprises, it is expected to become the world's largest OEM foundry like clothing and household appliance enterprises. 'Researcher of China International OEM cooperation promotion center said in an interview with reporters. It is understood that China's current cosmetics market is about 500 yuan per year and is expected to reach 800 yuan by 2010. Attracted by this high profit and huge market, hundreds of new cosmetics brands come out every year, thus bringing huge business opportunities for oem oem production of cosmetics. Therefore, from the perspective of supply chain, it is also inevitable for China to become a cosmetics OEM base, because the factory is close to the consumer market, and China is currently the most potential and largest consumer market. OEM processing is an effective way and result of socialized mass production, global cooperation and resource rationalization. OEM processing has become an important part of modern industrial production. It is understood that OEM processing industry associations appeared in Europe in 1960s S, and OEM production trade reached 3500 euros in 1990s s. OEM processing is generally understood by the Chinese as OEM production. Foreign enterprises will have strict procedures and requirements in choosing OEM processing plants, for example, whether the equipment of the factory is advanced, whether the sanitation is up to standard, how the comprehensive research and development capability is, whether there is special technology, whether there is a professional qualified talent team, whether the price is reasonable, and so on. With the development of many years, many Chinese cosmetics enterprises have reached the corresponding standards. The Meri makeup industry has reached international standards and is also the first enterprise to pass the 'integration of two certificates. The reporter found that there are many cosmetics enterprises have developed OEM processing business, and with many of the world's famous cosmetics brand cooperation. Many enterprises have said that they have improved their personnel training and management in such cooperation. Foreign cosmetic enterprises choose Chinese enterprises as OEM processing partners, and the establishment of cosmetic processing factories in China can reduce labor costs, environmental costs and accessories costs. As we all know, the price of Chinese labor force is much lower than that of foreign countries. Many auxiliary materials and local materials also reduce the production cost, and at the same time exclude environmental pollution from the country. Therefore, even if the raw materials are transported to China, the cost is much lower than that of domestic production after being produced in China and then transported back to China for distribution, packing and exporting to all parts of the world. At the same time, China has also become a beneficiary of cosmetics OEM processing. Chinese cosmetic processing enterprises can not only get expensive processing fees, but also learn advanced management experience and technology. Although it is only processing on behalf of others at present, only with these technologies and management experience can we lay a solid foundation for the continuous creation of products with independent intellectual property rights in the future. Of course, cosmetic processing enterprises should forge ahead and seize opportunities, such as macroeconomic situation, industrial policy adjustment and changing industrial information.
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