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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
China to produce cosmetics toxicity testing standard 80 species of pests will be check the < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:28 < / p> China is formulating cosmetics contain toxic and harmful substances in special testing standards. In the future, even if it is pure natural extract raw materials, also must be clearly marked on the label its composition. At the same time, how to detect whether in toothpaste contains cancer-causing chloroform will also be included in the standard. According to statistics, cosmetics production in our country at present the average annual growth rate of 15%, it is predicted that in 2008, sales in the cosmetics market in China will reach 80 billion yuan. But appear many problems, the most important part is the producer in order to improve the so-called beauty cosmetic effect, excessive or illegal add the disabled or limit with chemical composition. While domestic cosmetics testing level gap is larger. Today, reporters learned from relevant departments, shall be borne by the Chinese inspection and quarantine institution of the toxic and harmful substances in the cosmetics inspection method of research, in has through expert appraisal. The topics covered in the most possible existence of 80 kinds of cosmetics manufacturer endanger human body health of the 15 kinds of method for precise detection of chemical. Group expert wang chao said that the 15 kinds of test method of similar technology has reached the international level, in the future, a total of 80 possible toxic and harmful substances existing in cosmetics manufacturer and content will be detected accurately. Including: 16 kinds of hormone, 24 kinds of limit disabled 17 kinds of preservatives, flavors, 9 kinds of disabled tetracycline antibiotics and coumarin, ring coumarin content, two alkyl residues and chloroform residue in toothpaste, etc. Experts told reporters that at present, the 16 kinds of hormone, 24 kinds of limit disabled 17 kinds of preservatives, flavors and nine standard test method to disable the tetracycline class of antibiotics has applied for national standard project this year. Authorities are preparing to formulate relevant national standards and industry standards. Standard once, even natural ingredients extracted from plants, also must express on the product label. In addition, consumers focus on whether the residual chloroform toothpaste will also have the testing standard. May exist in several kinds of poisonous and harmful material of cosmetics, hormones, testosterone, estrogen and sugar cortical hormone, progesterone hormone is disabled in the cosmetics manufacturer, these ingredients in cosmetics, remove wrinkles, make skin tender and increase skin elasticity effect. But the long-term use can lead to osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, etc. Second, preservatives, experts say, adding suitable amount of preservatives in cosmetics is essential, the most commonly used is' methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, has effect of inhibiting microbial growth, can prolong shelf life. But add too much, will harm the skin. Three, flavoring: dicoumarol coumarin, ring because of its grass fragrance, was widely as a spice. But, according to a study in recent years, the two substances is easy with uv and metamorphism, damage to liver, belongs to the banned substances of cosmetics. But past without detection method in our country. Four, tetracycline class antibiotics: the tetracycline class of antibiotics has antiseptic, antibacterial effect, some anti-inflammatory sterilization will add in cosmetics. But the bigger toxicity, our country in its list of banned substances cosmetics, but not past the cosmetics as test object. Five, the chloroform: can quickly dissolve fat, fat, but its toxicity and carcinogenicity. The study found that the water after chlorine prevalent problems of chloroform, the existence of chloroform in toothpaste residue. Chloroform belong to the banned substances in the toothpaste. In our previous basic no can detect toothpaste and measuring method of chloroform.
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