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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
China's cosmetics manufacturer industry for lowered tariffs on there waving < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:10 < / p> source: hc360 according to China's wto accession protocol, imported cosmetics manufacturer gradually lowered tariffs will be in 4 ~ 7 years. Lip, eye ophthalmic cosmetics and powder implement the ultimate bound rate of 10% since 2005, and other cosmetics in 2004 ~ 2007 to 19, respectively. 2%, 16%, 12. 8%, 9. 7%, since 2008, 6. The ultimate bound rate of 5%. For the cosmetics industry, Chinese market is already open, the impact of the wto also weakened by complete market competition. Chinese cosmetics market in 2004 the growth rate of about 12%, to nearly $85 billion in sales. In July last year, the ministry of health of international famous brand from the special class cosmetics health import license approval system, a large number of international cosmetics brand has speed up the pace of our foray into the Chinese market, the brand's clash with domestic counterparts from every pushed to the forefront of international competition. At present, the foreign brand has accounted for about 60% of the total Chinese cosmetics sales, while sales accounted for 90%, the primary market leading market, major shopping malls, the position of the fight is almost a foreign brand, and most national cosmetics manufacturer brand from the primary market already crowded into the secondary and tertiary markets. However, foreign brands are no longer satisfied with the high-end market, they are taking with matching chain supermarket, buy advantage measures to preempt the channels, such as cosmetics stores gradually approaching to the secondary and tertiary market. In the low-end market dominant, was a domestic brand proud, but in the foreign brand in China market is more and more familiar with today, it's hard to say how long the advantage also can maintain. Domestic cosmetics enterprises survival have nots allow to ignore.
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