China is prevented bask in consumer market of four new trends: brands how to grasp?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15

sunscreen becomes one of the fastest-growing category, cosmetics manufacturer market and will continue to maintain the momentum for the next three years. Admittedly, affected by the epidemic, prevent bask in total sales in the first quarter compared with the same period fell, but the demands of consumers still exist, but with the advent of summer, and because of wearing a mask is afraid of face masks, so heat is not fade prevent bask in the market.

, according to sun block size of the market in China in 2016 to 55. The overall market 1 3. 5 billion yuan, accounting for cosmetics. 7% of the share; 2012 - In 2016, sun block market average annual compound growth rate of 8. 1%. To the size of the market in 2021 to 82. 3. 6 billion yuan, the compound growth rate of about 8. 27%.

kay degree of consumer index Tmall international release decoding Chinese consumers new sunscreen times report, prevent bask in the market to meet the new scene, new function, new form, new people develop in the direction of the big four, blue light, moisture resistance, anti-aging, anti pollution is prevented bask in subdivision trend gradually rise.

new scene: indoor blu-ray, emerging outdoor

indoor blu-ray: in this era of science and technology, blue light is everywhere, surrounded by people all the time not in blue light. Data show that in the fourth quarter of 2019 China mobile users per capita app daily hours used up 16% from a year earlier. And use of electronic equipment, the longer the eyes and the skin under the blue light stimulation.

to do so, 'the blue' growing demand from the general public, 'the blue' search 2019 heat also continued ascension. 'The blue' bask efficacy products into niche market trend, more and more cosmetics manufacturer enterprise and brand launch of blu-ray products.

new outdoor: in the past two years, China's outdoor sports market scale to increase 2. 6579 trillion yuan from 1. 9011 trillion yuan in 2017, also increasingly rich sports scene. With the development of outdoor sports, and the diversification of sports scene, public demand for is prevented bask in a product specialization and differentiation. Commute in the future, can be achieved in the outdoors, sports, etc. Various scenarios to carry, and professional response to the sun, the sand, a variety of scenarios such as high winds sunscreen products will be more popular with the masses.

new features: skin requirements

popular type of skin effect is prevented bask in a product of multivariate function demands, mainly moisture, whitening, oil control, anti-aging, etc. Among them, the type moisture for skin bask in basic demands, anti-aging fastest growing demand. Type in the future, keep the skin effect is prevented bask in a product of multivariate function demands, will tend to support the new trend of rapid growth.

new form: brush sunscreen, sunscreen mousse

sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen spray is most common in the domestic market of two kinds of sunscreen products form. Compared the two different forms of 'old', then brush sunscreen, sunscreen mousse was a market to be bestowed favor on newly. With brush can let makeup after fill more portable, and sunscreen mousse can make into membrane permeability faster. In 2019, according to data is prevented bask in new form product purchases accounted for 26%, increased by 3% compared with 2017.

the new crowd: children, pregnant women

data shows that more and more is prevented bask in deep niche brand, take the lead in pregnant mothers and infants to layout the crowd. Market Top20 sunscreen brand, 45% of brand has exclusive is prevented bask in a product in infants.

create Beauty, make skin enjoy sunshine

XJ Beauty: beautiful garden is prevented bask in series, the product is a powerful uv defense, thin and close to the skin, prevent bask at high magnification. Long-term close skin, prevent bask in the 8 h, safety concise, suitable for all skin.

the garden light is prevented bask in essence milk, has won the state food and drug supervision and management of the administration of 'domestic cosmetics for special permission certificate'. Not only security is prevented bask in, but rest assured bold use. Office workers, students, party, outdoor sports tourists, light allergic, sensitive, all type of skin, make safety sunscreen to carry out in the end!

with the rapid rise of domestic sun protection consciousness, subdivision demand, under the new scene of indoor blu-ray, professional outdoor; Under the new features of skin needs, isolation of pollution, such as segmentation direction, XJ Beauty prevent bask in series, are corresponding to bask more scenarios, on skin, composition, technological upgrading constantly. Prevent bask in the future market will inevitably toward a more diversified, more segmentation, feeling in the direction of the development of science and technology, you have to do is prevented bask in a product? Welcome consulting understand!

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