Children's cosmetics packaging logo is more standardized

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-27
Now children's cosmetics have also become a new consumer market. For many businesses to produce cosmetics suitable for children, this will also enrich the brands and types of children's cosmetics, however, for many cosmetics, there are some problems with the contents of the packaging, such as the publicity effect and the safety signs, which are not very standardized recently, the State Food and Drug Administration has also released relevant management methods on its official website, which also puts forward many requirements for children's cosmetic packaging. There are many kinds of children's cosmetics. According to the reporter's understanding, our country is now facing the peak period of childbirth, for a group of children with a huge base, there are often more business opportunities for such a market, but there are no high requirements for the huge market, there is even no brand establishment and no high-end brands. Now there are only some old brands of children's skin care products. At the same time, the reporter also found that in many shopping malls and many online platforms in Beijing, there are also many brands for children's cosmetics and very complete types, there are a lot of sunscreen and lotion creams for facial care kits. Pay more attention to the safety of children's consumers. Now facing the numerous children's cosmetics existing in the market, they often get better and more attention, because children are a very special group, need more people's attention and care, through the investigation found that many children's cosmetics still have many problems in the external packaging, so in the face of this problem, the method will also further improve the external packaging and identification of most cosmetics and strive for a more formal purpose. At the same time, industry insiders also indicated that the children's cosmetics market will be more standardized and standardized in the future. Now the children's cosmetics market is in its initial stage, in the future, it will enter the stage of development for a longer period of time.
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